Himalaya Film Festival, Nov. 4, 5 & 6th 2005, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
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Himalaya Film Festival, Nov. 4, 5 & 6th 2005, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Himalaya Archief Nederland (Himalayan Archive Foundation-The Netherlands)/Himalaya Film Festival:

Himalaya Film Festival 2005 will be held on November 4,5 and 6th.

A Visual Feast on November 4, 5 and 6th 2005

A country located below sea level hosts 60 films and documentaries on the world's highest mountain region.

The majestic natural beauty of the Himalayan mountain range has inspired awe and religious devotion around the world for millennia. With thirty snowy peaks above 7620 meters, the Himalaya dwarf all other mountains and sprawl 2700 kilometres across India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

The Himalaya have an abundance of ecological niches, ranging from subtropical to arctic climates, and these mountain habitats support vast quantities of flora and fauna. In the valleys, various ethnic peoples have carved out settlements and continue to eke out an existence in these harsh conditions.

From afar, this image may appear to be eternal, but in reality the Himalaya are anything but unchanging. This film festival shows some of the dynamic changes affecting the area and provide the audience with an intimate knowledge of the landscape and people of the region. This Festival offers you the chance to experience the Himalayan region, to travel beyond the image of the region as it is presented in regular movies and meet the intriguing diversity, and uniqueness of the Himalayas.

November 4,5 and 6th 2005

De Griffioen, Cultural Centre of the Free University of Amsterdam
Uilenstede 106
1183 AM Amstelveen
The location is easily accessible by any means of transport.

Himalaya Film Festival 2005

The Himalayan films and the region become visible in Europe!!

Dear producers,
We created a fine Niche and jumpingboard to other filmfestivals.
In 2003 and 2004 we screened 46 films in 2 days for a very fine audience and the visiting directors were more than satisfied. We are going to show a 'crème de la crème selection' in 2005. In 2006 we'll be visiting the UK.

Date & Place:
4,5 and 6th of November 2005 at the Cultural Centre of the Free University of Amsterdam


The general aim of the Himalayan Film Festival is to promote documentary cinema and to give credit to films or videos dealing with the Himalayan region in a wide sense of the term. The festival provides an opportunity for exchange of films and videos and for seeking ways for their broader use. The festival is meant to be a chance for authors, owners and distributors, but also for users to exchange their views at the screenings and following discussions, as well as at additional specialised events which may be an integral part of the festival.

Submission specs. at Visiting Directors in 2004:

Sanjay Barnela, India - Michael Brown, USA - Pema Dhondup, India - Rasmus Dinesen, Denemarken - Ernst Hunsicker,Germany - Margriet Janssen, The Netherlands - M. Ismail Khan,Pakistan - Arnold Krøigaard, Denemarken - Babeth Vanloo, The Netherlands - Mohan Moinali, Nepal - Graham Saunders, United Kingdom - Kiran Krishna Shrestha, Nepal, Birgitte Glavind Sperber, Denemarken, Kunihiko Tanaka , Japan - Dorji Wangchuk, Bhutan

Himalaya Archief Nederland/Himalaya Film Festival: [url]http://www.himalayafilmfestival.nl/" target="_blank">http://www.himalayafilmfestival.nl/e...lmfestival.nl/
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