Fun Indian Dance Music
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Fun Indian Dance Music

I've "recently" gotten into some Punjabi MC, and while he's from England, its still indian/punjabi music he's mixing. I really love the upbeat dance music and was wondering if the vast knowledge of this forum can produce for me some good CD's. I was thinking maybe movie sountracks if such things exist or popular indian dance artists.


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I love me some Daler Mehndi, yes I do! :elee: :elee:

That said, the field is broad as the ocean, and I know but a grain. . .
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Maybe re-mixes by Bally Sagoo..some songs are fun. But I am no expert...
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While we are at it, I've also a similar question:
I love the song "Pyar Ka Hai Bairi" from Sangeeta Shankar on the "Rough Guide to Bhangra" compilation.
Does anyone know similar songs?
(I don't know if I'm right, but I belief that the other songs of Sangeeta are quite different, more hiphop style..)
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Desi Beats Rule! :-)

I love that type of music too and am always on the look out for new stuff. If you like Punjabi MC (ie. Indian music with a Western twist) then I would check out people like DJ Sanj, DJ Vix, Juggy D, Rouge, Jay Sean, J.Nas, Lil Sach, Karan MC, Sugahill, Raghav and Rishi Rich. I see you're based in Canada so don't know what the music selection out there is like but here in the UK you find a lot of 'desi beat' type albums that are a mix of asian music with hip-hop/r & b. If you're able to stream radio from your internet connection then check out the Bobby Friction & Nihal show on

Both these shows play fantastic music. The BBC also has an Asian Music Network that also plays more traditional music.
The Radio1 DJs have produced an album: 'Bobby Friction and Nihal presents'.

Some other albums to try:

DJ Vix - Vix it Up (track 2 - yaar kure - is amazing)

D-Unit - a Sanj Production (various artists) - this album is FAB!! (have you heard track 3 'dont be shy' by 'Rouge' - this track is THE BEST!!!)

Juggy D - Juggy D (inspired title! ;-) )

Asian Groove by Putumayo World Music (various artists) - this is more
traditional but has fusion tracks on it that are really good.

If you like bhangra style music then check out Sahara or RDB. I personally find that bhangra gets on my nerves quite quickly! A good website for buying asian music is

'Urban Fusion' album is a great mix of desi beats, hip-hop and dancehall.

I also love the album 'beats, rhymes & life' by Outlandish. It's a mix of Asian, South American and Arabic. Very cool indeed!

You might also like the 'Essential Asian Flavas' collection of albums.

For Bollywood albums that are pretty funky I'd get:
Kal Ho Na Ho soundtrack
Tera Mera Pyar - The Pink Pussycat

If I can be of any more help let me know. I'm passionate about this type of music, though can't profess to be any kind of expert in it!! :)

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