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relocating to Bangalore

Hello everyone,
I am shortly going to be relocating to Bangalore from Uk for a year and just looking to find out about any essential MUST TAKE things that I will need with me. Marmite is already top of my list but I am wondering about other things that are difficult to buy not just food. Any suggestions greatly received!
Thank you.

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Hi Nicky

Welcome to Hell:D

Marmite is always top of my list when I nip back to UK too but you can now get it easily in Bangalore in 3 shops that I know and the price though expensive seems to be coming down.

If you are doing your own cooking then bring plenty of things like gravy packets, oxo cubes, mint sauce, dream topping or whatever.

You can get Heinz Beans here now (smith and jones are bloody awful) for a quid a can or 65p in Metro cash and carry if you have a UK Makro card.

If you have particular favourites of toiletries like deodarants, creams (not knowing here whether you are Nicola or Nicholas!) or gillete blades (available but dearer) then bring plenty. Don't worry about things like Nurofen for the countless headaches you'll get from the fumes as Indian Brufen are dead cheap and just as effective as are Viagra, apparently:D

Books you may like unless they are world reknown and best selling authors!

Cheese is no longer a thing you miss as there are now a ton of varieties available from the fantastic auroville farms!

You can get pretty much anything you want in Bangalore but just not perhaps the way that you know it!

Finally , pack a huge sense of humour and an open mind.

If you want a fellow brit and friendly face to give you a swift tour of Bangalore and the places that we buy the things we like (not being spice freaks), getting keys cut, getting a sim card or a phone unblocked and all those seemingly impossible tasks sorted then myself or my fiance would be happy to help!

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Stupid fool, I only had to look at your profile to see you are a Nicola!

By the way, send me an email and I'll send you the 80 page ebook I have written about this place too, its excellent reading so I'm told!

Cheers again
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i am relocating to BLR from six months

from Boston. So would like to meet other expats/locals once i am there.

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