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Relocating to Bangalore

I arrived in Chennai last week. However, it looks like I will want to relocate to Bangalore for about 3 months (end of May - maybe longer). I was in Bangalore last weekend and had a good feel for the city. I like the trees and parks. I'm doing some research with an Indian friend on her work projects.
I need to find a place to live, hopefully something where it's easy to see/do the interesting things and somewhat quiet (and safe). I'll mostly be doing my work/research on the computer. So, a place where I can work in my room/house that may have some quiet cafes/restaurants nearby to sit and work in. Also, close to the skytrain and/or a major bus route would be great.
I think I'd enjoy staying with an Indian family and/or someone to go out with and show me around town, but living alone is ok, too.
I'm not sure about pricing, but I think my friend said 8000-15000/month is a reasonable range. I'm pretty sure I won't do any cooking and laundry so I could pay extra for that.
I'm thinking of coming on the 15th, but will be traveling to Delhi from the 19th-23rd.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Andrew,
I visit bangalore often and amm planning a move there from the USA. Indira nagar and Koramangala would be 2 of your top choices based on the criteria you laid out. Indira Nagar has a metro station and is a short distance east of the commercial center (M G Road area). I consider it the most central location for places you would want to go to for the city has grown more to the east (and south). Koramangala is a little south of the city center.
Both places are full of cafes, restaurants and the like. No metro in Koramangala. Plenty of buses and auto-rickshaws (called autos). Your budget seems very adequate to me based on ads I see all the time. These are studios rented out to single IT professionals mostly. Veg or non-veg seems to be an issue when renting or sharing digs. Hope this helps.

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