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#1 Aug 19th, 2015, 07:53
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Dear All, Bit embarrassed but am a long time Bombay single woman moving to Bangalore for my job in Whitefield. Never liked the city before but it looks like I have not much choice. So a bit of help appreciated:
1. Housing- Any options for a studio or a 1 or 2 BHK? I am trying to keep costs low as I will retain my apartment in Mumbai. So 25K is upper limit. I am not too keen on anything hated but need an apartment close to a vibrant market, cafe area. I want to retain the feel I have in my Mumbai place ie everything within walking distance and great restaurants and not rookery on living with primarily families.
2. How do people commute? I have not got much public transportation options online
3. Costs; I am assuming costs of living ( non housing) are in line with what I have in Mumbai. True? I am moving with the same company with a major promotion that is hard to say No to but want to not jump ship personally just yet
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Welcome to Bangalore.

You can get a decent 2 BHK within 25K near Whitefield, and you have to pay 4 to 8 months rent in advance (depends on the owner). It's always better to take an apartment near your office because the Bangalore Traffic is always unpredictable.

For Public Transport, BMTC Bus service is really good, apart from that you will get Autos, Uber, Ola etc.
#3 Oct 13th, 2015, 16:15
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Hello samyukta welcome to Bangalore. Yes you can get luxurious flats within 25k near Whitefield. It’s a much demanded area. As in terms of food you can easily get the good and hygienic food.
Public transport is really good, BMTC connectivity is really awesome it connects all route, apart from that you will get OLA, Meru , Uber , public auto etc.
#4 Nov 7th, 2015, 02:24
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Didn't like the city either after moving from Delhi. But would say every city of India has it own charm and so does Bangalore, as the climate its pretty cool with more greenery. Expensive I would say as everything comes on MRP and if you don't know the local language you are cheated most of the time during purchase. Traffic is pathetic specially around MG road. Cops are a pain as they torture you if you have a non Karnataka registration vehicle even with all valid papers. The most foolish aspect here is even if you are an Indian citizen driving with a registered vehicle of other state with proper papers is a violation as you have to pay an additional Karnataka road tax to run your vehicle and it a huge amount. So this is a special law here which is an irony and not in any of the other states of India you are treated in this manner.

Cheers have a safe livelyhood

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