High cliffs / mountainous areas in and around Bangalore

#1 Jul 18th, 2015, 01:05
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I spent some time in Nepal recently and I am back to Bangalore sitting at a computer writing code :P

I miss visiting and hanging out in cliffy and mountainous areas. There is nothing like spending an evening with friends near the edge of a cliff with the wind washing your face.

Any advice for peaceful places mountainous places with less / no crowd?

Safety isn't really problem I guess since we plan to go in a large group.
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You could check out Channagiri or Jalamangala.
#3 Jul 21st, 2015, 14:32
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Coorg can be quite decent though an obvious choice I am sure someone in your group will have suggested! Not high mountains, but high enough. The homestay I always go to, Honey Valley, has amazing hikes all around and can offer maps and guidance. Waterfalls, rocks, hills, open vistas, beauty, etc. etc. You really feel far away from it all and will see almost no one on the hikes at least. Please be quiet and decent if you hike in a large group though or you will scare off the leopards.

And you just missed it last weekend, but I saw a listing for a rock climbing camp near Banaglore. The group who was putting it on seems to do regular events and if I was there I would have gone! No idea if this is any good, so check it out on your own, but hanging off a rock face by a thin rope will definitely come with a refreshing breeze!
I was notified of this from a site I love called thealternative.in which has a Bangalore focus for green and outdoor events. No affiliation with either recommendation.
#4 Aug 7th, 2015, 23:39
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Contact the Bangalore Mountaineering Club. They'll give you info on stuff in bangalore, and have fun packages as well.
If you're looking for hill stations, Ooty, Coorg, Wellington and Kodaikanal are all great options for 3 day trips.
#5 Oct 23rd, 2015, 12:04
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You can try out Kanooru Kote. It is situated at around 70KM from Sagar in the thickest of forests where you feel it as a remote corner of the world. It's truly very very desolate. I had heard about this place as a desolate remnant of the past which is dominated by the trees now. I was curious. The feel of the place is very mystic. There is a deafening silence in the place and you could almost feel it. The whole place once used to be the place of some dynasty is now shattered on ground and scattered apart on the forest floor. Some remnants are still there to tell the story of the past glory. The whole place is now engulfed by the forest and you will find many of the remnants also look like part of the forest itself! There are couple of temples which are robbed ruthlessly to find the buried wealth beneath the statue in the Sanctum sanctorum. The scene there is horrible and heart wrenching. Reaching this place was no easy task. The route is awful and very steep at places. It took us quite a lot of time to find out that we are on right track and by the time we reached the place it was 4:00PM! I had about an hour to document the place and that short time is not enough for this mysterious and beautiful place to give justice through the images.

Sagar -> Kargal -> Biligar (on the way to Bhatkal) -> Take right at Biligar, there is a sign board as well -> 18km from this point is Kanooru Kote.

For more details, check out Amazing Trek To The Mysterious Kanooru Kote
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Hay....After covering Nepal or North/ Eastern belt of India you won't find places around here which you can actually call mountain's and you can consider it as just hills. Better is to bend your mind and explore the costal belts which I have heard is beautiful. Nothing can beat the Himalayas so its better to enjoy the sea than getting disappointed in search of mountains here.
Even I am trying to do the same and might ride to the costal belt of southern india soon.

Keep travelling and stay blessed

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