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Flash Gordon Jul 27th, 2015 17:54

Caving near Bangalore
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Found a fantastic place near Kolar for caving. People who love a bit of trek, bouldering and caving will like Antaragange. Located just 70 Kms from Bangalore, its a 1.5 hour drive. We had intact taken our bikes and was a fun ride on Old Madras road.

Being a pilgrimage, Antaragange is easy to get directions for. After taking left from highway into Kolar, its a left from the Kolar bus stand after the over bridge. There are a 100 odd steps to take you to the temple which has an underground spring. Monkeys infest this place and one needs to be careful in hiding any food items being carried.

But the real fun is above the temple. Its all boulders and some caves have been formed by these boulders. Dark and dingy, one needs to slither through the crevices like a reptile! A guide is essential to come out in one piece and they are usually small boys available at the entrance. Do not venture inside the caves without a guide.

It is overal a great experience of trekking, bouldering and caving.
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