Bikes on rent in Bangalore.
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Bikes on rent in Bangalore.

Is there a place where i can find bikes on rent in Bangalore. I am going to Coorg around Christmas time and wanted to travel from Bangalore to Coorg on Bike.

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Very Unlikely... you will get one..

In India Bike rentals are only available at tourist spots like
Goa or Pondy...

You can try your luck with a local mechanic who might have something to spare but he might ask you pay a deposit
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Motorcycle or bicycle?
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Motor Cycle
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Not motorcycle, but you can rent a kinetic.
The shop is located near Domlur flyover. If you are coming from Kormangla, where the flyover starts, check the LHS shops / banner.
Not used them, found a banner the other day there.

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there were Hero honda karizmas available for rent . I had noted this reference some time , do no if it still works .

try Naveen - 9900570612 and ask details .

PS:this was posted on the other forum ,I dont know if this is accurate .
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Guess this is the store gautam is referring to. However, I am not really sure how a kinetic would perform until coorg!

I tried researching to find bike rentals in bangalore and mysore a few days back and it wasn't really fruitful!
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i tried that Mr. Naveen's number and the moment i mentioned the word "bikes" he said i don't deal with it sorry and hung up on me :D
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i hired a Royal Enfield thunderbird sometime ago in Bangalore.His number is 9880190501.
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i tried that Mr. Naveen's number and the moment i mentioned the word "bikes" he said i don't deal with it sorry and hung up on me :D

I had recently been to Bangalore and I got a Karizma Bike on rent from the same Gentleman by name Naveen. Easy process in hiring the bike. He did not demand any deposits. His contact number is 9900570612.
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Try this rental in Bangalore.

Royal Enfields.......
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This thread has not been active in about 6 months so I thought I would post in it.

I will be in Bangalore for a few days and was wondering if anyone know where I could rent a Honda Activa or some type of scooter?

I have my own, driven in India for a year so no worries there. I just want the freedom to go where ever, whenever.

Anyone rented a scooter or know where I could (as a foreigner)?

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Bikes for rent in Bangalore

This post is not active since 3~4 years but just to inform that now you can rent bikes online on You can get range of bikes starting from Rs 250. Bikes for rent in Bangalore include gearless Activa, standard bajaj pulsar to Hayabusa.

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