Alone and Bored in Banagalore
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| Ayan

Alone and Bored in Banagalore

Hello All

I have been here for the last 5 months, I am literally bored and frustrated being alone as the people here are not most friendly and don't bother to talk to any random stranger. I am from Kolkata and love to be with people and have fun. But coming sown here I realized that it is not easy to make any friends anymore. So can anybody suggest me where to spend my time at least alone here so that I can have a little freedom from these boredom...:confused::confused::confused:

Ayan Sengupta

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| Omnipresent
Are you here on work?

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| Ayan
Yes I work in Game Development..
| Learning... from others' experiences!
It's amazing and adventurous to develop your own group of like-minded people.

You may start at your own workplace and acquaintances of the group members may join the team...

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