Textiles / Embroidery workshops in India?

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Hello there,

I am visiting India in October for 2 months and would like to learn some traditional textiles printing / embroidery / mirror work as part of a workshop or short course. Does anyone know whether this is freely available in India and if so which may be the best place to go for it? I will be visiting Delhi, Rishikesh, Jaipur and staying for the main in the north.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have done a google search but the only courses which come up are focused more towards holiday makers and are quite expensive.

Many thanks
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Hi and welcome here on IM.

Jaipur is the place for Batik printing.

Instead of looking for a course, just go there and ask for a place where the printing is done, and you will be happily introduced to the technique, and as you go to different workshops you learn more and more, also about the carving of the prints.

This is also a useful way of learning for instance about gem-stones, carpets and the like, i.e. visit manufacturers, and in the case of gem-stones and carpets, also the dealers (without ever buying from them necessarily). Indians feel pride if a Westerner is interested in their crafts.

Ask for workshops also for your other items of interest. Indians are usually very happy about requests to visit workplaces and learn as much as one can from them.
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As atala has rightly pointed out, Jaipur is indeed known for hand-printed textiles. However, someone has mislabled the process in that video. That process is known as hand-block printed. It is performed in Bagru (off Jaipur) and Sanganer (where screen print is more common). The Bagru prints are more delicate.

Now while it's perfectly possible to walk into an artisan's workshop and feel welcomed, given that you're on a short visit here, it's more prudent to contact something a bit more organized. You may want to contact the folks at Anokhi - the brand created by faith evans in Jaipur. They have a museum and run one to two day tutorials periodically.


Batik is an Indonesian technique really and uses wax to shield the part of cloth that is not to be dyed. Within India, you'll find better examples in Ujjain region (amongst ), but you're not going there. There is tie and dye craft in Jaipur called Bandhni or bandhej but that's different.

Embroidery - every region will have it's own variations and I can write long pages about it but of the regions you're visiting Jaipur again will have quite a bit of mirror work (though Gujarat is better known for it). Try going towards Kanota (if Anokhi cannot help).

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A ride on the early morning Shatabdi train or a bus/taxi (3/3.5 hrs.) from Delhi will bring you to Vrindavan (nr. to Mathura & further on - Agra). Here you can easily interact and see multiple embroidery workshops in action. Mainly this work is for Shringar (temple Deity clothing)... However i have previously sourced work here for couture designers in London.

Ashok Ladiwal is well worth a visit and you can preview some examples here. Robyn Beeche has photographically documented and promoted embroidery work across India over many years. You may well be able to work out a short study course if this interests you, there's nothing formal as such.


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do a quick search for Chikan, its a speciality embroidery from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, there are a few small workshops in the chowk district that have been creating Chikan embroidery for generations. The tourist office there is great and they can hook you up with a specialist guide.
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Many thanks everyone :-) I will look in to some of these. The Anokhi museum and workshop looks particularly interesting.

Thanks again!

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