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prince09 Apr 7th, 2014 17:05

Stolen Art Works from India
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The news of a thousand year old large dancing Shiva statue from Chola period displayed in the national gallery of Canberra has been in news here for the last couple months. Apparently, its been stolen from a temple in Tamil Nadu and purchased by the gallery for $US5 million, and finally the Indian government came to know about it and now demanding it to be returned to India.The gallery has purchased about $22 million worth of art works from India so far. The art gallery in sydney also has another sculpture of ArdhaNarishwara (a.k.a Shiva) bought for $300K, again stolen from a temple in Tamil Nadu. I've also noticed several sculptures/paintings/art works from India getting displayed in various galleries in melbourne, sydney, london, newyork etc,.I am wondering whether there is any government/private agency in India that keeps an eye on these antiques or is it left to the Archaeological survey of India?.

National gallery of australia director reluctant to admit dancing shiva is stolen

Scandojazzbuff Apr 7th, 2014 17:20

I believe the dealer who sold those stolen art works to the museums has been in jail for the last couple of years, being held in India, awaiting trial in the fuzzy future.

The greed of institutions, dealers, and collectors, often outweighs their sensibilities and they fail to do their due diligence. Every once in awhile, a big fish gets caught and the waves created last for some time. Denials, allegations, negotiations, etc., follow. The loss of face is worse than the loss of money!

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