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davidx2 Nov 12th, 2013 14:25

Another thrift shop find - What is it?
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The other David made another find at the thrift shop here in Los Angeles. It's seems obviously Indian, but what would it be used for?

It has a bunch of compartments with peacock handles that can be opened only after unscrewing the larger peacock in the middle. The legs are like elephant legs with an elephant head.

aarosh Nov 12th, 2013 14:37

It looks to me like a haldi kumkum container.

kmahaldar Nov 12th, 2013 16:27

may be a container of multiple cosmetics, used by ladies

may be used as diya/pradeep (lamp) , used in temples , put oil in each little container and all of them turned into diya

vaibhav_arora Nov 12th, 2013 16:59

Murder Weapon ;)

(see The Perfect Murder - Mechant Ivory, 1988) for context.

Jokes apart, this is most likely a container for keeping the ingredients for betel leaves such as lime paste, betel nuts, etc. It could be Maharashtrian / Tamil in origin. A matching betel nut cutter would be in order.

I see one for sale on Etsy for 90 dollars : and another one here with a much more detailed description :

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