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We plan to visit Tirupati on 2nd June 2014.
The details are as follows:
1. Total visitors 6, this includes 2 elderly couples.
2. We plan to hire a cab from Chennai that will pick us up on 2nd June by 4.00AM.
3. We expect to reach the temple by 9.00 AM
4. Complete Darshan and return to Chennai the same night.

My queries are:
1. Should we purchase e-tickets available from remote counters for Rs 50 each?
2. e-tickets are available for 10.00AM slot. Can we reach the queue complex by 10.00?
3. Or should we purchase special Darshan ticket (Rs 300) after reaching the temple?
4. Suppose one group has e- tickets for 10.00 AM and another group buys special Darshan ticket at 10.00AM. Which group will have the Darshan earlier or faster? On what factors do these lines move? This reply is specifically important for our senior citizen co-travelers.
5. We approached TTDC & APTDC. But they do not operate Tirupati tours by cab. We found some private operators conduct Tirupati Package Tour by cab. Such packages include to and fro journey, food and Rs 300 special Darshan tickets. How are such packages reliable? Anybody availed such package recently? Can we have your feedback?
6. Is there any other reliable way to visit Tirupati from Chennai in a day?
7. What is the approximate time required to have Darshan?
8 Is there any special entry possible for senior citizens?

Thanks in advance.
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The best, most comfortable and reliable option from Chennai is the tour conducted by APTDC/TNDC. The tour is a well established one with fast and efficient darshan. Any other is not Authorised and you may take anything they commit with a spoon full of salt. The 300 special darshan tickets need to be bought in Tirumala or prebooked from Chennai with finger prints and photo used for identification.

The APTDC organised your by Bus is by comfortable AC bus, food and rest included and especially good in Summer when it takes 28 hours in the regular darshan queues. For the speed, convenience and hassle free darshan you get, it is worth much more than the price
#3 Apr 30th, 2014, 18:36
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Thanks for your reply sir.

Can you tell me the difference between Rs 50 e-darshan ticket and Rs 300 special darshan ticket?
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The 50 one can be booked much in advance and gives a date and time. The 300 one is AFAIK issued the same day or a day before.
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Special Entry Darshan (Seeghra Darshan)

The Seeghra Darshanam facility is introduced to provide quick Darshan for the Pilgrims at the cost of Rs 300/- per pilgrim.

The tickets are issued at VQC-I in a separate queue line with 4 counters. After taking the tickets, the pilgrims are directly allowed for Darshan.

Seeghra Darshan tickets are issued on all the Sarva Darshan timings.

Sudarshan Token System

The Sudarsanam token system was introduced to minimise the waiting time for Sarvadarsanam, Special Darshan and other paid darshan/sevas.

The tokens are issued @ Rs.50/- per token.

The time of darshan is indicated on the tokens. Pilgrims can enter the Vaikuntam Queue Complex at Tirumala at the time indicated on the tokens.

One token is issued per head from 05:00am onwards.

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There is a special Q for Rs.300/- darshan, where tickets will be issued midway the Q. No prior purchase. The average time taken during summer for Rs.300/- darshan is around 4 hours. The Q will be open in specific time frame say 7.00 a.m to 3.00 pm.

There is a separate entry for elderly/senior citizens. There is specific time allotted for them. You need to be enquired.

Rs. 50/- darshan is one which is given in e-counters in different locations for specific time slots. You will be allowed during that specific time slot and the duration also varies, depending on the rush and time frame similar to Rs.300/-.

These are my broad understandings.
#7 May 6th, 2014, 21:36
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some more ways to get 'fast' darshanam

Yes, the 300 rupee line does move a bit faster. There is another category for the 300 rupee darshanam, for a group listed as : babies under 1, soldiers, and NRI's. Basically all these lines do is to merge into the general line at various points( closer to the santum).
I was there on April 21st, and got thru the NRI line to the sanctum in under 2 hours.. I was told that was extremely lucky !
Avoid weekends if you can..

Finally, if you are willing to spend, you could sponsor a 'Kalyana Utsavam', that will take you in a little faster. Fees for these are listed online, and you would need to book these at least a day in advance
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As far as I know, senior citizens (over 75 years) are allowed direct entry and one person can accompany him/her. Otherwise better to take the 300 line. Stand in the queue and in buy the ticket in the middle of the line. On a Monday, should not take more than 4/5 hours.

Some say, Rs 50 line is faster as they issue only a limited number of Rs 50 tickets, where as there is no limit to Rs 300 ticket.
You can also buy RS 50 (Sudarshan) ticket online, if tickets on that slot is available.

Females need chunri/veil if wearing a top. Saree/T-shirts are allowed. I have seen many borrowing gamchha/towel from others at the gates.

I went there on 20th April 10AM, and Rs.300 line took 8 hours on that sunday.

I feel, from Chennai it would take 3 hours (max 4) to reach Alipiri gate (at foot of Tirumala) and another 1 hour until you stand in the queue. Also keep 30 minutes for breakfast enroute.

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