Andhra Pradesh/Naxalites?
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Andhra Pradesh/Naxalites?

Hey everybody! So, I am going to be spending significant amounts of time in Andhra Pradesh (particularly Hyderabad and Guntur district), and I was wondering what people knew about the current level of danger from the Naxalite movement there. I know that there is a post which describes the movement, but I am having a hard time finding much information on the internet about what is happening now. I found a news article from February or March stating that two of the major factions were uniting, so people should expect an escalated level of violence, but information describing this escalated violence seems to be at a minimum (which I suppose no news might be good news in this case). What do you suppose my level of danger as an American girl who will probably be spending a good deal of time visiting very non-touristy villages?

(of course, I am going regardless, but I figured it would be good to know what I am getting into!)

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Hi WalkinOnSunshine,

In December 2003 I've spent few weeks in the mountains south of Orissa in an area full of Naxalites. You only know about them because sometimes there is a police control in the road. Be relaxed because on this days you can't say where is the real danger.

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Hyderabad is completely safe (in terms of the naxal situation), so there's nothing to worry about here. I've read about a few Naxal incidents in Guntur district in the local paper (The Deccan Chronicle), but most incidents (atleast that i've read about) were encounters between the police and the naxalites, no kidnappings or anything. As for your safety level as a female, you'll be fine as long as you don't go to Old City (Hyderabad) or the villages alone. I mean, even if you did go alone, most probably nothing would happen but it's best not to take any chances.
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You are not going to have any Naxalite trouble in Hyderabad city. You are safe in Hyderabad and surrounding places. So, Chill.

They are active in the smaller towns in North Andhrapradesh, and in areas bordering other states - Madhyapradesh and Orissa.
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Thanks for the words of wisdom everybody!

I am not really worried about Hyderabad, but like Brownlikejames, I had also heard a few things about violence in Guntur.

Perhaps I am just getting a little too anxious about my big move! But, reassuring words are nice, so thank you. :D
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Hi again WalkinOnShunshine,

I can reccomend a book: "Madras on Rainy Days" by Samina Ali (2004).

The action happens mostly in Hyderabad even though this tittle. Don´t worry about violence in the novel and in Hyderabad, is only a story.

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really there is nothing 2 worry abt d hyderabad their influence is nill...i guess same is d case wth guntur...dun get worried abt d news...
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Naxalism is more of a social problem while naxalites are predominantly against the government (read capitalistic). There was a time when Naxal leaders were revered even by the common pople but of recent, naxalism took a bad turn with violence against police (out of vengeance) and government establishments (extermism).

Still, being a community worker, you will be quite safe from Naxals or violence.

Important: In the past, whenever the naxals bombed or attacked a government establishment, they warned the inmates well in advance or had them evacuate the premises before doing the damage. They would not harm innocents and would ensure that.
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To meet Naxalites you really have to know someone with connections..

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