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From Delhi to Agra, possible to do it in a day?

#1 Apr 21st, 2006, 17:53
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A friend of mine and myself are travelling to India in June. We are flying directly into Delhi and will stay there a couple of days before continuing to Bombay and down along the west coast to Goa and Kerala.

We want to visit Agra Fort and Taj Mahal. It's probably possible to go to Agra and visit these places in a day (or am I wrong?) but how much would it approximately cost to rent a taxi and do this?

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You can also do it by train if you like, a early start and a late finish but is can easily be done!!
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dont know about prices mate I am guessing a taxi would charge 6 - 8rps per km....its 200km from delhi to agra the road is good so would take around 4 hours...

Go to mathura and vrindban on the way they are great holy places will beautiful temples....If you like those things that its on the way..

Also they say the best time to visit the Taj Mahal is in the morning around 7 - 8 am apparently so I have heard....

If you can try and stay the night at delhi before setting of elsewhere....

But it is possible to do in 1 day as long as you leave delhi early as 7 - 9 the traffic starts to build up...

Have fun..
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agra-in 1 day

t think that the best way is to do the tour by an organized group.
we had doen this tour in 1 day ,few years ago, from 6am until 10pm, and we had a great tour, with a very good guide.
you can search the web, or if you like i can give you the travel agent details.
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Its easily done in a day albeit a long one but just make sure you get the hell out of Delhi early, like 5 or 6 am and you'll be a good chunk of the way before you hit any heavy traffic and by that time the roads will be less busy anyhow.

Unfortunately my driver turned up 1.5 hours late so we took 2 hours just to get out of Delhi and I was furious, still made it in a day though and visited several places around Agra and got back to Delhi very late and asleep so make absolutely sure and stress the fact to the cab company that they must NOT be late.

A tour guide is handy and many cab operators will collect one en route to Taj Mahal on the outskirts of Agra, the problem here is that these guys are interested in one thing, to get you round the Taj as quickly as possible without time to really relax and take it all in and straight into the nearest jewellers, carpet merchants, stone carvers or whatever and it is so annoying but it is the only way they make money, for doing this to me on my first visit our guide earnt not one single rupee or tip from me and yet I'd have happily given him a good rs1000 for his knowledge of the Taj had he not tried to con us. My advice is to make it clear from the outset that you'll pay him well but you absolutely do not want to go to his other recommended places, let him show you round Taj, then send him back to the car so you can wander around freely and take pics unhurried. If he knows he is earning he will be quite content with this!

Same goes for Agra fort also!

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Please excuse me if I'm ranting, but I've closed office and have begun enjoying the weekend.

I have been to Delhi for one week plus altogether, before and after a one month Hindi course in Mussoorie. I thought that I had ticked off the most important things to see in Delhi, including two full days at the National Museum.

Next time (if all works out, in spring 2007) I'm having at least two weeks in the capital to look at and photograph what I didn't find and/or did'nt know about last time. I have found out that I was for example some two blocks away from the real Ashokan rock edicts (I took photos of the copy in front of the Natl. Museum, though), but nobody knew what they were or where to find them.

For Agra, I'll have the travel agency in the hotel where I'l be staying (the Ajanta, just ** but ever so friendly and efficient) arrange that trip. (No, I don't get a commission.) My study mates (one of them had previously been working for some months in Delhi) were impressed by the good accomodation and excellent price they got for their two days trip. They went by train, avoiding road traffic... Me, I'll allow at least two whole days in Agra to include the Taj Mahal, the Fort and the not too distant (6 mi.) Akbar's Mausoleum. To my surprise (I used to be a chemical engineer, but have been mostly working as a technical translator), I'm getting interested in Moghul architecture, and want to compare the Taj, the Akbar Mausoleum, Delhi's Humayun's tomb and Safdarjang tomb etc. to one another.

And having been in a taxi from Delhi to Mussoorie sometimes overtaking, in left hand driving, using the right-hand soft shoulder, I'm going by train.

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