Hotel in Agra with good view of Taj?
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Hotel in Agra with good view of Taj?

Any recommendations? Preferably under 2000 rps a night?


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The Amarvillas has great views of the Taj from every room - but it will blow your budget. There's a photo of the view from the room in my album.

Remember to get to the Taj early in the morning when you go ..... before 7:30 if poss - to see the sunrise.
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hotel kamal.
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The Shanti Lodge . . .

is about one kilometer from the south gate/main entryway to the Taj, at about a 15 degree angle. GREAT views from the new 4th floor uncovered rooftop restaurant (veg burger a good choice).

Price for a double on my last trip - May of 2006 - @ Rs 600
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could you somebody recomended cheep (about 500rs double or less)accomodation in Agra we dont need luxury and comfort...I have only 2 demand: rooftop with Taj view and hot shower :) thank you for your ideas
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Hotel Kamal- no hot shower though; or towels :) but the view is worth it! can't remember the cost.

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