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HI again,

I am thinking of travelling from Delhi to Jaipur, Agra, Allahabad and Varanasi by Sleeper train.

Only because I would like to spend more time in the towns and see more. when we arrive will go to our hotels(unknown as yet)and also book a car for the days touring in each place.

Which would be the better trains to book, also not to costly but clean and comfortable with a/c, food and drinks included.

I am not sure whether we should go back to Delhi after varanasi or book direct to Bangalore and stay there for 2 days and go our washing resting, etc.

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This thread should be in the 'Trains' forum.

Food and drinks are only included in the cost of Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, these do not operate on the routes you've chosen. (though they do on the Delhi-Bangalore section)

Mumbai - Jaipur.

Train 2955 departs Mumbai Central daily at 18:50 and gets to Jaipur at 12:55

First Class air con = Rs 2475
2-tier air con = Rs 1443
3-tier air con = Rs 1039

Jaipur - Agra.

This section isn't long enough for an overnight train.

Train 2987 departs Jaipur daily at 06:10 and gets to Agra Fort station at 10:15 (best train for reservations)

3-tier air con = Rs 385
Air con chair class = Rs 309


Train 4864/4854 (depending on day) departs Jaipur daily at 15:40 and gets to Agra Fort at 21:10

2-tier air con = Rs 490
3-tier air con = Rs 355

Agra - Allahabad isn't far enough for an overnight train, I suggest the following.

Agra - Varanasi.

Train 4864 departs Agra Fort (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun.) at 21:15 and gets to Varanasi at 08:15

2-tier air con = Rs 1073
3-tier air con = Rs 690

Train 4854 departs Agra Fort (Mon, Thu & Sat.) at 21:15 and gets to Varanasi at 09:30

2-tier air con = Rs 1119
3-tier air con = Rs 719

Varanasi - Allahabad

This is a short distance with loads of trains.

The following trains all run daily and start their journey from Varanasi, so would be the best options, though they may not have many reservations available for the Varanasi-Allahabad sector.

Train 1094, Varanasi 11:30, Allahabad 14:40.
Train 1108, Varanasi 14:30, Allahabad 18:50.
Train 1072, Varanasi 15:50, Allahabad 19:20.
Train 2559, Varanasi 19:15, Allahabad 22:05.

2-tier air con = Rs 336 (352 on train 2559)
3-tier air con = Rs 246 (271 on train 2559)

Allahabad - Delhi.

Train 2417 departs Allahabad daily at 21:30 and gets to New Delhi at 06:35 (best train for reservations)

Train 2559 departs Allahabad daily at 22:30 and gets to New Delhi at 07:25

Both trains will cost : -

First Class air con = Rs 1721
2-tier air con = Rs 1013
3-tier air con = Rs 735

I am not sure whether we should go back to Delhi after varanasi or book direct to Bangalore and stay there for 2 days and go our washing resting, etc.
I don't really understand the above, but Allahabad or Varanasi to Bangalore is not an option, it would be quicker to go via Delhi.

Delhi - Bangalore.

The fastest train is the Rajdhani, food and drinks are included in the fare, but this train only departs Delhi on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Train 2430 departs Hazrat Nizzamuddin (Delhi) at 20:50 and gets to Bangalore at 06:35 (33.5 hours later)

First Class air con = Rs 4770
2-tier air con = Rs 2810
3-tier air con = Rs 2120
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Hi Yasmita,

just in general: "sleeper class" in India means no AC... the title of your thread is confusing... If you want to travel in a train were you can sleep with AC, you have to book 3-AC or 2-AC. Cleanliness is a relative term, you can be lucky to get a new waggon perfectly clean or an older one... food is included p. ex. in Rajdhani express, but even in "normal" trains you can order food extra, it is ok and not expensive.

You can get lots of infos about travelling on trains here, just have a look at:

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