Booking entry to Taj Mahal Full Moon entry?

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I'm new to the forum so just want to say many thanks for this invaluable resource of information which I've yet to fully explore!

I'm going to India and Sri Lanka for 2 months very shortly so maybe pestering on a few threads if any more questions arise!


I'm going to be arriving in Agra on Friday 18th February evening.

With it being full Moon I figured it could be worthwhile making the most of the opportunity to go to the Taj in the evening on the Saturday, however my concern is taht everything I've read says you need to purchase a ticket the day before you are going.

Firstly and most importantly, will the place that sells the tickets be open on a Friday?

Secondly will my arriving at 6pm be too late to buy a ticket?

Many thainks in advance!
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The counter closes at 6:00 in the evening. Check this link

Not sure whether the ASI office will be open on a Friday.
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Hello all,

I will also be at the Taj on Saturday 19th Feb. I will be arriving on the morning of that day. Does anyone have an update on whether there is a way of buying tickets 24 hours in advance without actually being in Agra e.g. is there a travel agent that does this?

Many thanks.

Another question ....

... is a moonlight viewing worth the fuss anyway? Another option for me would be see it at sunset (which I've heard is great) and then find a restaurant with a view for the evening.


P.S. fairfranco - I agree it is a great web-site.
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Somebody said its a very quick tour..

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