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Thread: Ahmedabad domestic airport from the forum

- Last post: May 21, 2013

A post on May 15, 2013 by krushn

hi I am travelling from London to Ahmedabad via Mumbai. I am planning to carry 2 liter of liquor from the duty free shop from London airport. As my international flight will be only up to Mumbai and...

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Thread: Boozing in Baroda from the forum

- Last post: Oct 30, 2012

A post on Nov 7, 2010 by hfot2

I understand that foreigners can get a permit to purchase liquor in normally dry Gujarat by applying to the Gujarat Tourism counter of the Ahmedabad airport. All very well, but we're starting in...

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Thread: Surat Advice please from the forum

- Last post: Apr 18, 2011

A post on Apr 9, 2011 by Irishguy

Our Temp alcohol permit has run out and we went to Mumbai yesterday to try get a long term one....what a nightmare that was....needless to say we didn't get it.We've been told that in Surat there are...

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Thread: Wine Anyone? from the forum

- Last post: Nov 9, 2008

A post on Jul 20, 2008 by Anastasia

Hello all, I will be moving to Amedabad with my boyfriend this fall for appx 2 years. I realize alcohol is illegal for natives in Gujarat, but that an alcohol permit can be issued for foreigners....

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