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Thread: Relocating to India from U.S pet relocation from the forum Pets and Pet Care in India

- Last post: May 17th, 2018 21:26

A post on May 14th, 2018 22:11 by Sumanth9872

Hello, I lived in the U.S for about 10 years now and finally decided to move back to India for good. I'm looking for someone to suggest/help me with information with relocating my pet Cat. She is 11...

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Thread: Ladies / Ladies groups for travel from Bangalore from the forum India Travel Partners

- Last post: Apr 22nd, 2018 20:53

A post on Apr 22nd, 2018 20:53 by Ashneys

Hi, am a female looking for female / ladies groups partners to travel along with both nationally and internationally from Bangalore. Approx age group between 20-40. Looking for like minded travel...

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Thread: Marriage to foreigner in bangalore from the forum For Citizens of Other Countries - Visa and PIO/OCI Questions

- Last post: Apr 21st, 2018 13:16

A post on Apr 21st, 2018 13:00 by saphr

Hi Folks, I am indian male citizen and muslim by faith. I am planning to marry a jordian citizen and she is too muslim by faith. What are options to marry under foreign marriage act in...

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Thread: Trek to Makalidurga, Bangalore from the forum India Travel Partners

- Last post: Apr 8th, 2018 22:22

A post on Apr 8th, 2018 22:22 by amitjangra

Hi, i am looking for male or female travel mates for makalidurga day trek on sunday. We are 3-4 persons and going by bikes. Is there anyone want to go with us.

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Thread: Bangalore to Lepakshi and back on motorbike 08th April from the forum Bangalore

- Last post: Mar 27th, 2018 17:46

A post on Mar 27th, 2018 17:46 by abhinavhere

HI Going to the beautiful Heritage destination of Lepakshi from bangalore on the 08th of April like to join me on the ride? Will be going on Royal Enfield motorbike and will leave in the morning...

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Thread: Moving from Chennai to Bangalore - How to change Airtel home range on my SIM? from the forum Bangalore

- Last post: Mar 25th, 2018 13:57

A post on Nov 9th, 2010 17:50 by x++

Title says it all. I'm moving to Bangalore from Chennai (where I got my Airtel prepaid card) and need to change my "home" range without changing my number. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

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Thread: Motorbike Ride from Bangalore to Historical"Lepakshi Temple"-Sunday,01st April '18 from the forum Karnataka

- Last post: Mar 21st, 2018 13:00

A post on Mar 21st, 2018 13:00 by abhinavhere

Hi Friends, ONLY FOR PEOPLE HERE IN BANGALORE CURRENTLY> After your Own successful MotorbikeRide to Nandi Hills, We are planning for another Short Ride to the Beautiful Historic Monument "Lepakshi...

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Thread: Bangalore to Tirupati from the forum Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

- Last post: Mar 7th, 2018 23:25

A post on Mar 6th, 2018 22:55 by piku102

Hi, I'm planning to visit Tirupati for the first time in coming Apripl,18 with my family (wife and 1 yr Kid). I'm planning to visit there with my Alto vehicle. Now I'm bit confused as many of my...

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Thread: KSRTC FLYBUS (Bangalore Airport to Mysore) from the forum Buses, Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Bicycles

- Last post: Feb 27th, 2018 10:07

A post on Feb 26th, 2018 20:32 by Mannanan

Would just like to recommend this service if you are looking to get from the airport direct to Mysore. Just used this service after flying in from UK and it was excellent. On time and the bus is very...

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Thread: Pune - Bijapur (Vijaypura), Pattadikal, Badami, Hampi and Bangalore Road Trip from the forum Karnataka

- Last post: Feb 25th, 2018 00:11

A post on Feb 24th, 2018 20:31 by harshad

After a long break from long distance Car driving and visit to new places, we are soon embarking on a Road trip on this circuit in the Month of March. The programme stands as follows:- 10 March Pune...

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