Walking on gold

By Mistral on Jan 26, 2006. Gallery: mistral's photos.

Walking on gold

Every evening a walk on Puri beach deserve special moments. The beach on fishermen village's side is not clean but the meeting with the people are really rewarding.

Puri as known to the Hindus all over the world is a holy town located on the eastern coast of India. Besides being a religious center, Puri is also known for the good stretch of the white sand beaches on the banks of Bay of Bengal. The easy accessibility from almost all the major towns and cities of India, wide beaches, the fishing farms and the superb resorts make it an important tourist destination and a major base point to visit the nearby important sites.

Comments for Walking on gold

Jan 26, 2006
Serena says:
I like it!
Jan 26, 2006
torryquine says:
Nice one Mistral
Jan 26, 2006
sunilg says:
Jan 27, 2006
ddutta says:
Jan 31, 2006
davyd says:
it's good foto
Jul 22, 2012
Desertphotographer says:
Nice one Mistral

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