The Silent Watchman

By vaibhav_arora on Apr 18, 2012. Gallery: Through my eyes.

The Silent Watchman

A frog looks straight at my camera lens from behind two lotus flowers. Image taken in the karpoor chand kulish smriti van (a large park), Jaipur.

Comments for The Silent Watchman

May 09, 2012
naamPalteArindam says:
I think the pink/magenta is a bit high on this one. Might look better if you drop the saturation on the flowers by 5 points or so. But otherwise, very nice.
May 09, 2012
vaibhav_arora says:
the colors are out of the camera, same for the other photos - i do not crop (unless absolutely necessary) and have not used any other changes than auto correction (usually for exposure). I shoot what i like and paste them here. I'm not into heavy modifications or moving rocks (that was a coconut btw) to suit an imaginary photograph. Everything is WYSIWYG and has happened because i was in a certain place at a certain point of time. Thanks for the tips though - perhaps someone looking to actually 'work' on photography would benefit!

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