Overland 1970 Manali India

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Overland 1970 Manali India

This photo was taken in mid December 1970. The valley where Manali lies I think the Kuku valley has very high mountain peaks 27,000 feet+ and the sun rises over them about 10:30 AM and sets about 2:30 PM. This shot was taken in the morning. It appears to be a school with no walls for the whole villiage. I was tagging along with an American named Vincent Hubert who I met along with a group of 6 at the Iranian Afgan border and had been with him for about a month as we split off from the original group. He was on his way to the Muktananda Ashram in Ganeshpuri outside of Bombay. But he had another job to do first. He wanted to to go to Manali where he heard ganja hashish grew to score some and send it back to America and make money. I went along with him as a travel buddy not a business parter. We travelled to Shimla on train and bus then took I think a 14 hour bus from Shimla to Manali over rain slick often deep trenches and steep cliffs a lot of fast driving a drunken Sikh who wanted to take us home in the middle of the night which I declined. Finally we arrived in Manali. It was stark no infrastructure for travellers. We were there for 5 days nobody knew anything about what went for. We had seen one western mother and her two children and no other westerners. We were walking in the woods and a sadhu jumped out from behind a tree and scared me. Since I had not seen a full fledged sadhu before I thought this must be a Halloween costume. Vincent bought 200 Kulu caps and we headed back down to Shimla and took the train the wrong way and ended up in snow all around us. We were almost in Srinigar instead of Delhi. We got off at the next stop it was freezing. A sympathetic ticket agent let us back on for a free ride back to Delhi. Vincent and I later ended up in Goa and accidently got split up and lost each other. If anyone has seen him let me know.

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