Newspaper Reading on the go

By aheli on Feb 28, 2017. Gallery: .

Comments for Newspaper Reading on the go

Feb 28, 2017
theyyamdancer says:

Very atmospheric.

Mar 01, 2017
Govindpuri says:

Very empty.

Mar 01, 2017
theyyamdancer says:

Maybe they are reading about a "bandh" !

Mar 01, 2017
aheli says:

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. That is why the pavement was so empty.

And the passer by people are just checking out the news while walking leisurely.

Apr 11, 2017
aheli says:

I found the gate to a different world, (different color different structure of buildings) in the middle of the photo, interesting too

Apr 12, 2017
Dibyajyoti says:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with you.

Apr 13, 2017
aheli says:

Dibyajyotida, this is too much.

It was you , who made me comfortable so that I could take snaps all the way.

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