Mom Dad after marriage

By aarosh on Feb 18, 2011. Gallery: Portraits.

Mom Dad after marriage

This picture was taken on Puri beach where my Dad and mom spent their honeymoon, some 4 decades back. I took a scan of the picture as it had deteriorated badly and I wanted to forever save this. Somehow, having taken the previous snap of Dad, I was all of a sudden reminded of this picture. A contrast between the then Dad and the sombre now Dad.

Comments for Mom Dad after marriage

Feb 18, 2011
Michelli says:
What sweet of you...absolutelly you parents will love it :)
Feb 18, 2011
RWeHavingFunYet says:
. Have the photo scanned at a high resolution in a studio and get it cleaned. In most photo studios the kids do a good job. You could do it yourself if you know how to use photo editing software.
Feb 18, 2011
aarosh says:
Well, I could have the picture cleaned, but I didn't want to. Not for the want of money or time, but that the picture, even after deteriorating still has in essence, retained the clarity where it matters..the faces and the newly weds emotions are still clear. I am, also a bit handy with photo editing software's, but I would like to remember the picture as it is currently in my hardbound photo-album..a bit faded out. Thank you Michelle
Feb 18, 2011
JuliaF says:
It looks faded but the colour of your mum's sari is still really vivid. I like her glasses too :) Presumably it was taken by a professional photographer who arranged that pose?
Feb 18, 2011
OceanTragic says:
Love it
Feb 18, 2011
candycanegirl says:
I'm loving the color and style - awesome vintage shades too! Love this pic.
Feb 19, 2011
aarosh says:
@JuliaF It was taken by a professional photographer, or at least by one who claimed to be. The picture taken, was a B/W photograph. My Dad didn't actually remember what was the color of his shirt or the pants he was wearing, but my mom remembers everything clearly to this day. She even showed me the same sari, the one she wore on that particular day. Not that I would call her a particularly sentimental person, but she still has the sari with her. The color of the sari and the bangles she wore, was added to the picture later on by me based on the description provided by her and the sari she showed me. The colors are not there on the actual hard copy.
Feb 19, 2011
theyyamdancer says:
Excellent nostalgic pic! aarosh, I had some really old black and white photos of my parents. I took a photo of the photos using my Nikon Cool Pix digital camera. The results are pretty good. Another way to preserve the memories. :) My Greek relatives' photos have been similarly archived. It works. Some sepia photos can be made B & W. (Though I prefer the sepia of the original.)
Apr 01, 2011
Bhaswaran says:
so pristine picture .... thanks for sharing
Apr 01, 2011
shymom says:
Beautiful couple.. lovely picture
Apr 05, 2011
pmvelu says:
Thanks for sharing Aarosh !
Apr 07, 2011
Sayan Nag says:
Excellent gesture...
Apr 22, 2011
Sama says:
beautiful photo! I love how the formalness of your dad in the white shirt and watch in the seemingly casual setting of the beach is juxtaposed against the color you chose for mom's sari. brilliant!
Jun 07, 2011
drk says:
Words cannot express my feelings. Thanks.
Aug 11, 2011
sethiyadav says:
v. good
Nov 30, 2013
iamsomnath says:

such a powerful image ... beautiful ...

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