magical moment

By subhradip on Nov 28, 2012. Gallery: subhradip's photos.

Comments for magical moment

Nov 28, 2012
life1style1 says:
Excellent...where is this taken from??
Nov 28, 2012
subhradip says:
Nov 29, 2012
soumen369 says:
Gorgeous shot !!!!!
Dec 02, 2012
ashok2a says:
Simply stupendous.
Dec 04, 2012
nitinm76 says:
Was this a wide angle lens?
Dec 04, 2012
subhradip says:
it was shot with canon power shot sx40...thanks to everybody
Dec 21, 2012
Fromhotelcalifornia says:
Great POV.Strong color.Nice crop.But I think lack of sharpness(edge of mountain)and look sky is noisy.But we are learning...I like your picture. Thanks for sharing.
Jan 03, 2013
sagarneel says:
Jan 04, 2013
akashsach says:
classy man
May 30, 2013
PrasadNp says:
Real Golden moment..
Aug 07, 2013
Arlene123 says:

Golden moment..!!

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