The leap of faith

By iamsomnath on Mar 06, 2014. Gallery: iamsomnath's photos.

Comments for The leap of faith

Mar 06, 2014
Mechguru says:

Great shot. The focus of the animal and the dust behind add great value to the shot...

Mar 06, 2014
life1style1 says:

Fantastic...again a POM contender....

Mar 06, 2014
soumen369 says:

Love the fabulous dof !!!!!!

Mar 06, 2014
iamsomnath says:

thanks friends. The actual experience was beyond words. I was trying to locate to minute dots , at the other end of that 400m long track, through the viewfinder , lying on my tummy and elbows on the ground. Suddenly the dots start getting bigger in the viewfinder at express speed and before you can count five they are full grown hounds rushing at you .... you press the shutter and suddenly the dogs are almost upon you :-o and while they run away through barely two feet away .... you feel the "jet-stream" of the dogs and their muffled barks ...unbelievable.

Mar 07, 2014
Duronto Jajabar says:

..... unbelievable ... that's it

Mar 29, 2014
naveenamohanrao says:

Amazing pic!!

May 04, 2014
drvbose says:

Good but excess foreground is distracting. Cropping required.

May 06, 2014
trisha says:

Congrats for POM....

May 06, 2014
life1style1 says:

My prediction was correct....congrats on POM...

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