Killer Mountain!!!

By Shiver me Timbers on Apr 04, 2006. Gallery: shiver me timbers's photos.

Killer Mountain!!!

This is the north face of Nanga Parbat (8125m), the most westerly mountain in the Great Himalayan range, 8th highest in the world, and perhaps the most dangerous. The south face, much more difficult to access, is a sheer 4500m drop, the largest of its kind on earth. This side is accessible by the trek to Fairy Meadows, from where you can proceed to base camp. The trek begins from Raikot bridge, a 3-hour drive south of Gilgit on the Karakorum Highway.

Comments for Killer Mountain!!!

Apr 04, 2006
ddutta says:
Apr 04, 2006
cyberhippie says:
It is a killer as well, magical photo Conor!!
Apr 04, 2006
somnath says:
That's a great photograph, Conor.
Apr 04, 2006
seventies'hippy says:
Top Shot,,,,,,,,
Apr 04, 2006
amyl says:
wow! what a view!
Apr 04, 2006
Alan D says:
Great pics Conor! Hope there are plenty more to come.
Apr 04, 2006
nevilleb says:
Boy oh boy! One great shot! nevilleb
Apr 04, 2006
torryquine says:
Fabulous picture Conor
Apr 14, 2006
Dr Funkenstein says:
Brilliant. :)

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