Key Monestary

By 101Miles on Aug 30, 2015. Gallery: Spiti Pics.

Comments for Key Monestary

Sep 03, 2015
life1style1 says:

Great picture...I would like to know how did you reach that place for taking the picture..did you trek from Kibber to Kye?

Sep 04, 2015
soumen369 says:

I agree with life1style1,generally everybody takes shot of Key Monastery from the road below.

Sep 06, 2015
101Miles says:

It's not required to trek from Kibber to Key to capture this view. When u reach the Key monastery and face the mountain, a small trek is going uphill in the right hand direction. You just need to walk around 500 meters to reach this spot and from here you get this spectacular view of the monastery

Oct 09, 2015
life1style1 says:

Congrats on getting selected on POTM..

Yes I visited the monastry last week...took a similar picture from the same location..

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