Indian Railway Engine

By ranjan154 on Dec 05, 2006. Gallery: ranjan154's photos.

Indian Railway Engine

While my trip to bihar, i happen to take this photograph, the train was stopped due to some technical reasons and i got chance to talk to the railway engine drive. From my childhood i wished for a ride in the engine !!!!

Comments for Indian Railway Engine

Dec 05, 2006
Bhaswaran says:
This is a diesel locomotive built at Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi. This is of a mixed class (WDM) and hauls both passenger and goods train. I wished to be an engine driver since childhood and i like railway photographs, three cheers to you
Dec 05, 2006
ranjan154 says:
Thanks bhaswaran
Mar 28, 2010
Bhuvan Mishra says:
I liked the photograph very much also liked your wish to ride in the engine..However, I had this opportunity several times as my Grandfather was and my Uncle is a loco Pilot at SECR BSP DIvision...So whenever I travel from Mumbai To Bilaspur, I get the ride in the Engine for 8 hours from Nagpur to Bilaspur...We've been doing this since I was a kid...
Jun 01, 2011
Lou Wilson says:
Very Nice Photos of Trains in india and sri Lanka Trains Trains Trains India & Sri Lanka 2008-2010

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