gurudongmar lake sikkim

By mantru on Oct 30, 2007. Gallery: mantru's photos.

Comments for gurudongmar lake sikkim

Oct 30, 2007
somnath says:
That’s lovely !!!!
Oct 30, 2007
capt_mahajan says:
Amazing, wow.
Oct 30, 2007
Bhaswaran says:
Perfect...which time of the year did you get there?
Oct 30, 2007
tasuray says:
Great shot.
Nov 01, 2007
uttam says:
Absolutely stunning!
Nov 04, 2007
nomad says:
thanks for spoiling my monday. i will dreem about this place all day. i was planning manali or sikkim for this april, but now i am goinig to sikkim. will get directions from you
Nov 04, 2007
mantru says:
thanks for the comment more to come
Dec 01, 2007
avi1010 says:
Neat !!!
Dec 01, 2007
vandy says:
Absolute RIP SNORTER !!!!! of a Photo,:rolleyes: CONGRATULATIONS vandy :)
Dec 05, 2007
ks_bluechip says:
great picture!
Dec 06, 2007
gautam says:
Just beautiful. <br>
Dec 07, 2007
distant_star58 says:
[B]absolutely stunning[/B]!!! For past one year trying to visit this place, this year i could make only upto yumthang. After viewing your photo I am more determind to go but dont know how....
Dec 09, 2007
avinash says:
Damn this one's good !
Dec 12, 2007
loonypooh says:
beauty at its best!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 13, 2007
bRoKeNhOpE says:
the place to be beautiful pic man
Dec 22, 2007
bijapuri says:
such beauty!
Dec 31, 2007
anar says:
stunning! i want to go!
Sep 25, 2008
hermetic says:
This picture is going to haunt me till i reach this place
Feb 08, 2009
IndiaJim says:
Superb photo, just jealous!
Mar 25, 2009
subhradip says:
awesome..that's it
May 18, 2009
mantru says:
thanks all
Jul 29, 2009
trooooon says:
awesome . . . what a place. got to get to sikkim!
Aug 17, 2009
mantru says:
thanks for the comment,sikkim is definatly a beautiful place
Sep 14, 2011
drvbose says:
Excellant shot!
Dec 21, 2011
savybaids says:
exif please...wonderful shot Mantru

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