By theyyamdancer on Mar 24, 2011. Gallery: Scent of Shiuli, Beat of Dhak, Ma Durga is Back.


One of the best of last year's Durga Puja pandals. It depicted the sea and ships. This was on the outside. On the inside there were more fishy scenes.

Kolkata, October 2010

Comments for Floating

Mar 24, 2011
snonymous says:
I thought it was the real sea from the thumbnail! So many interesting details in this picture.
Mar 25, 2011
hermetic says:
Looks so real
Mar 25, 2011
Darklord says:
:D The thumbnail fooled me as well....thought it was real...
Mar 25, 2011
theyyamdancer says:
Thanks snonymous, Shanticathylou, hermetic and Darklord. You can read all about this pandal (and more!) in my thread called "Scent of Shiuli, Beat of Dhak, Ma Durga is Back" in the Kolkata forum. I will post some more pandal pics soon here. :)
Jun 17, 2013
ambarishdebgupt says:
Can't believe u're not a Bengali!!! There's got to be a bong connection :)

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