Executive Class in Shatabdi

By wp7713 on Apr 28, 2007. Gallery: wp7713's photos.

Executive Class in Shatabdi

Interior of the Executive Class bogie of the New Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express.

Comments for Executive Class in Shatabdi

Apr 29, 2007
steven_ber says:
Good photo. Just a note to anyone trying to book this class on the net, you have to select 1A on the Shatabdi trains to book Executive chair class. This is the only class I've never used on Indian trains.
Apr 29, 2007
cyberhippie says:
Those are the new carriages I think!
Apr 30, 2007
wp7713 says:
Yes, cyberhippie: new carriages in 2003. Comfortable and spacious, and excellent riding qualities.Evey passenger was given a miniature red rose.
Mar 29, 2012
paramiyer says:
i traveled in CC in shatabdi & this looks very similar. i would have expected much wider seats or a more airline business class look.

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