chapati baba

By anar on Dec 07, 2017. Gallery: anar's photos.

chapati baba

chapati - not all that easy to make ;-)

Comments for chapati baba

Dec 07, 2017
Govindpuri says:

Good effort.

Dec 08, 2017
Prakaant says:

Except shape everything looks nice. Good attempt. Keep trying...

Dec 13, 2017
anar says:

haha, needs must. i'm getting better. you know what they say about practice ;-)

Dec 14, 2017
RahulDeva says:

It looks perfect but it's not a chapati but a parantha. Its not supposed to be round. A chapati or roti is single rolled dough cooked without oil on a tawa. And sometimes directly on a flame making it blow

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