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By steven_ber on Oct 24, 2004. Gallery: steven_ber's photos.

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Indication of berth layout in a broad gauge carraige (2)

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Sep 24, 2009
costaguana says:
Just a note that this excellent diagram does not include the new LHB Shatabdi carriages now being used on certain routes (Ahmedabad-Mumbai is the only one that I am aware of). The new AC Chair Car carriages have 78 seats and a different layout to the one shown above. I found this out the hard way on a recent journey when my "window seat" 11 (also labeled as such on my ticket) turned out to be a middle seat in the new layout. I think I would have been more annoyed (considering I booked early and explicitly asked for a window seat) if my five hour journey had been longer. I must say though that the new LHB carriages are very nice!

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