Amazing Taj

By aarosh on Jan 20, 2011. Gallery: Taj Mahal.

Amazing Taj

I took this pic from the Mehtab Bagh end as dusk was falling. Even with fading sunlight and starkly dropping temperature, the beauty of the Taj simply grew, which unfortunately, I could never capture. I am uploading one futile attempt. I did go to Mehtab Bagh in the morning, but the fog conditions were a deterrent, but the evening views were simply amazing, words which never can describe what the viewer sees, even my ever animated gesticulations will never reach the proportions for animation to show what one feels staring the beauty at the other end of Yamuna in the failing lights..

Comments for Amazing Taj

Jan 23, 2011
Michelli says:
Jan 23, 2011
Darklord says:
Amazing Taj indeed.

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