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Oct 31, 2011
Duronto Jajabar says:
Beautiful pictures.
Dec 29, 2011
Paglaghora says:
bah besh!
Feb 15, 2012
somnath biswas says:
What a photo. 4th from last on page 1.
Nov 19, 2012
Sahrawat says:
Where is the like button, beautiful landscapes and silhouettes these are
Feb 15, 2013
nadreg says:
Fantastic pics.
Feb 15, 2013
sagarneel says:
Thanks to the notifications functionality, I could see the comments only now. Thanks everyone for your words and likes!
May 22, 2013
phir_milenge says:
May 22, 2013
sagarneel says:
Thank you, phir milenge!
Jun 28, 2013
basujayanta0 says:
Truly amazing. Great work.
Aug 01, 2013
Shakyasom says:

Stunning photography!

Aug 01, 2013
sagarneel says:

thanks basujayanta0 and Shakyasom

Nov 19, 2013
anweshadey16 says:

You captured the bestest ones!!

Nov 19, 2013
sagarneel says:

Thank you Anwesha!

Nov 28, 2013
vermasanjay41 says:

Really nice plcs

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