Adding images to your photogallery on India Mike is done through the Images section on the site. Once you click over to the Images homepage through the Images link on the top navigation bar, you will see an Add Photo link on the top right section, right under the navigation bar.

Image Restrictions and Attributes

India Mike accepts the following types of image formats: 

  • JPEG images with an extention of .jpg or .jpeg
  • PNG images with an extention of .png
  • GIF images, with an extention of .gif

The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 2 MB in size.  If you try and upload any file larger than 2 MB, you will receive a validation error. 

There are no restrictions on image width, image height, or DPI. However, to save space, the website will resize the image to a maximum of 1024 x 768, with a 72 DPI. 

The Image Upload Form

Click on the Add Photo link and you will be taken to a page like the image shown below.

Image Upload FormBy The India Mike Community

  • The Title field is a required field that tells other users at a quick glance what the image is about. Please be descriptive, yet concise, when entering the title.
  • The Image field with the Choose File button is how you tell the website which image you want to upload. When you click on the Choose File button, you will see a file dialog box where you can pick the image you want to upload. Once you pick the file and click OK, you will see the selected filename next to the Choose File button. 
  • The Photogallery drop down box allows you to pick the gallery that you want the image stored in. The drop down usually will show your default gallery, which is named the same as your username and is automatically created for you. If you wish to create a new photo gallery, you can click on the Add Gallery link on the Images homepage and follow the directions there. 
  • The Image Description field is where you provide more information about the image itself. Members usually give some context around the image here, like where it was taken, or a short story about the image itself. The description helps other members appreciate your uploaded photo better. 
  • Geographic Location is a required field and is used to tell users where this image was taken. This field helps you by suggestions choices as you start typing. So, for example, if you type in "Jai" in the field, you will be shown a drop down with choices like "Jaipur", "Jaisalmer", "Jaitapur", and so on. 

Once you fill in the above field, you can either choose to submit the image to the website by clicking the "Submit" button, or you can click Preview if you'd like to see what the image looks like before you upload it to the site. 

Adding your Image to Forum Posts

Once you've uploaded your image to the India Images section, you can reference the image in your posts by copying the URL for the image and then adding it to your post's text. To do this: 

  • Right-click on the image and copy the URL. With Internet Explorer, right-click and choose "Copy Shortcut". In Google Chrome, right-click and choose "Copy Image URL". In Firefox, right-click and choose "Copy Image Location". 
  • Once you have the Image URL, click on the Insert Image icon on the New Post tool box as shown below, and then paste the URL of the image you want to insert. 

Inserting an Image in a FormBy The India Mike Community

Well, hope this all helps. Please add your questions and comments to the thread below and we will clarify and make changes as suggested. 

Thanks, and Happy Uploading!!