Are you planning that long trip to India? Can you find all the things you need in India?  Well, apart from being an exotic tourist destination, India is a rising economy that has global brands making a beeline for this huge market.  You will probably get most brands of fast moving consumer goods and many luxury brands that you may be used to.  

However, there are always those things that bring you comfort that may not be as ubiquitously available in India.  If you have already starting packing your bag, you may want to consider putting in some favorite items that may not be available easily in India. 

  • Snacks: For long travel hours, you may want that extra burst of energy.  If you're nervous about trying roadside food or going hungry, you may consider packing in energy bars/protein bars/ cereal or fruit bars that will fill you up in a jiffy.  These are not commonly found in India although high calorie biscuits and all sorts of local namkeen (salty snacks) are available on every street corner. 
  • Certain types of Medicines: Most medicines for common ailments such as colds, coughs, fever and painkillers will be available in India albeit under different names than the ones you may be used to. For more uncommon ailments, if you can list the active ingredients in the medicine, a different brand should be able to be procured. However, to be on the safe side, pack all your essential medication that will last you through your trip and you won’t have to worry if substitutes will work or not. For women on the contraceptive pill, carrying a supply to last your trip will save you the hassle of seeking a medical prescription for it. If you are on some special medication, it may also be worthwhile carrying some documentation (like a letter from your doctor at home) in case you need to get some more or need to see a doctor. Another helpful tip is to make sure the documentation says what the active ingredient in the medication is, just in case it is available under a different brand name. 
  • Personal care: Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, shaving lotion, razors, deodorant, soaps etc. can all be found quite easily across the country. However, if you are used to a particular brand specifically, you may want to check its availability or just stuff it into your bag as well just in case.
  • Electronics: India operates on a 220V power at 50hz. For any electronic product from a country such as US that operates on a 110V at 60Hz, you will need an adapter plug and voltage converter or transformer if your device does not support 220V. In large cities, you should be able to find a converter or transformer on most street corners, but they may not be 100% reliable. Also, carry  spare batteries for your gadgets. At many places, fake batteries that are bought at smaller towns or villages may run out soon or leak and damage your devices.
  • Tampons and Panty Liners: Sanitary napkins can be easily found across India. However, tampons will be nearly impossible to find except in the very large cities (like Delhi and Mumbai), so stock them up when you come here. Panty-liners are another female hygiene product that may not be readily available at most places, even in the cities. If you require these, pack them in.
  • Undergarments: Bring your favorite brands and comfortable undergarments, especially bras when you come here. Lingerie is commonly available in local brands but they may not be the type you are used to. For example a good sports bra or underwire bra is almost impossible to find in India.  

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You need to also consider that India is a country with a huge urban-rural divide. If you are visiting rural areas for a longer time, you need to remember to buy your supplies such as specific medicines, clothes, shoes etc. from the larger cities and towns. For more great tips, check out  the thread Medications and Personal Items that are hard to find in India