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Why what when how who where When I was going to Srinagar this month (March 2004), I found information on travel to Kashmir to be very scarce. Opinions on how safe it was to go there were...

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Jan 20 - Mar 27, 2008: Let me preface the following by saying that I was a first time traveler to India, spent less than 10 weeks traveling through Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and now...

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Most of the tourism I’ve seen in Kerala is fairly concentrated. People come to Kerala for the beaches, primarily the little strips in Kovalam and Varkala. They come for the backwaters that...

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- Sep 29, 2012

by lonelyaztec

I had seen Hampi in a lot of  Indian films song sequences and  read a lot about its history.  I was awed with what I had read, and so I wanted to go to the place and see for myself....

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When I was kid, I used to participate in a lot of quiz competitions.  I used to go about reading a lot of magazines, news papers, and several of those printed GK books.  My favorite...

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I am sure that if you have travelled in India you certainly are familiar with at least the name of this huge city, Pune-termed many a times as the Oxford of east, the land of the Peshwas and in...

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