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First of all... Welcome to – The India Travel Site. Taking the leap from lurking on the site and reading all the posts to registering and contemplating your first post about India travel is an important step. This article is meant to help all of you "newbies" (excuse the term) get acclimated to the community and take the fear out of making the first post!

Getting the Most Out of IM

Joining an online community can be an intimidating experience, even one that shares your interests. A lot of our members prefer to stay on the sidelines, reading the articles, searching the India travel forums, and never making a post on the site. While we’re perfectly fine with those that choose to do so, we’d prefer that you’d join and participate in our community. The more the merrier after all, and we do have a common love for India travel, don’t we?

So… here are some tips to helping you get the most out of your experience

  1. READ THE MANUAL: A great place to start is to read the Forum Rules and Terms of Use of the site. These articles document the code of conduct expected of, and some important rules that must be followed.
  2. FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE SITE: There are a lot of sections on, all setup to organize and categorize the information. Browse through them and get a good idea of the layout of the site, and the different India Travel Forums and India Community Forums. The India Photos section, India Hotels sections, India Travel Articles, and the India Travel Journals are some of the different areas on the site.
  3. BROWSE THE FORUMS AND ARTICLES: The India Travel forums at are the crown jewels of the site. We have a vibrant travel community going, and chances are you’re going to find a lot that you will enjoy reading and learning from. More importantly, it’ll give you a good idea for the common interests in the India travel community, and the sort of humor and tone that the community likes.
  4. SEARCH THE FORUMS AND ARTICLES: It is very likely that your questions and concerns about India travel have already been asked and answered on the site. When questions are repeated some of the more knowledgeable members tend to “zone out”.

    Don’t be shy to post, if your questions aren’t answered, though!

  5. REGISTER ON THE SITE: This is the step that most newcomers to the site stumble on. Don’t worry!! It’s not complicated at all. Here’s an article that will help you get through Registering on
  6. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: As with any community, an introduction is always welcome. The Introduce Yourself forums on are a great place to get started. A little paragraph about yourself, your interests, and where you’ve been (or are planning to go) in India is a great first start.
  7. FIND THE RIGHT FORUM: OK, you’re ready to ask your first question, or join in your first conversation? Excellent! First, it’s best to find the right forum to post in. The India Forums page shows a listing of all the different forums within the site. Look through them and find the best place to post. The more relevant your post is to that particular forum, then better the chance of it being responded to.
  8. GOD IS IN THE DETAILS: When asking for help on the site, try to be as specific as possible. When asking for help with an itinerary in the India travel itinerary forum for example, give as much information as possible. The places you’d like to see, the amount of time you want to spend, a rough idea of a budget, your preferred mode of travel, etc. are all good points you should cover. You’ll be surprised and amazed at the quality and quantity of information you get back.
  9. ACKNOWLEDGE REPLIES TO YOUR POSTS: Imagine a situation where you’ve just answered someone’s question, and the person you’ve been talking to just walks away without saying anything. Well, it feels like that sometimes when members take the time to answer fellow India travelers’ questions, and no “Thanks” is given. Please take the time to respond to those who have answered your questions or replied to your posts.
  10. GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY: A community is only as strong as its members. So, for all the free advice and information you get through the India travel forums and the articles, we ask for you to share things you’ve learned along the way that will help other India travelers in their journeys.

Now then.... GO AND HAVE SOME FUN!!