About This Site
In the Beginning
This site was started in August 2001 as a personal homepage by a gentleman named Mike, who had a passion for traveling to India. After launching the homepage and looking through some of the available forums on the internet, Mike thought... "Why not start my own forum as a place where people came to share their experiences about travel in India, and to learn from others' travel experiences as well?"

And that is how it all began. One thought... one member... one post.

If you build it, They will come
What began as a renegade alternative to Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Message Board evolved over time into one of the best India Travel portal sites on the Internet. IndiaMike.com now has over one million posts and over one lakh members. IndiaMike.com is also one of the largest repositories of India travel images on the Internet. The magic all happens through the thousands of IndiaMike.com members, who all share a common interest - their love for traveling in India.

Was Mike surprised that a personal page went this far? In one word, Yes. Mike has referred to it as "ludicrous mode", since a tiny little webpage has turned into a site that thousands of people visit a day.  Meetups happen around the world with the members of this site, and it's not uncommon to run into another member of this site on the road or at least someone who knows about it while in India. For a little site that's run was run out of his bedroom, Mike said, "it's a very odd thing, but odd in a cool sort of way".  

Off to China
After having spent five years working on the site, spending late nights fixing bugs, and whole weekends trying to figure out where that @*#&* post went, Mike decided to hang up his Webmaster belt. He had promised himself that he would walk away once the site became more work than pleasure. Plus, he had seen as much of India as he wanted to see, and he'd heard really good things about China. "Hmmm.... maybe ChinaMike.com wouldn't be such a bad idea", he thought to himself. "But where do I find someone with the same passion that I once had?"

Passing on the baton
That's where I came in. I was surfing my way around the Internet one fine day in May 2006, and stumbled upon the For Sale sign on the website homepage. I couldn't believe it, really. IndiaMike.com was a site I had visited many times in the past and used extensively during my India journey. I couldn't tell you how many times I stopped to thank Mike whenever I found a nugget of information that helped me in my travels through India. We worked out a deal. I promised to stop calling him to thank him every time I found a nugget of information on the site. He, in return, handed over the keys to the site. "Take care of my baby", he said. "It's a huge responsibility. You'll find yourself waking up at 3:00am in the morning, wondering if some crazy travel agent is spamming your site. But it will be fun". With that, he popped the backpack on his shoulders and started walking towards China.

Frequently Asked Questions (from the mailbag)

How can I help you with this site?
My main goal is to keep this site as a free source of information for all those looking to travel to India. Use it to learn about your destinations, getting around, planning an itinerary, etc. All I ask in return, is for you to contribute by answering other travelers' questions as you surf through the site.   

Are you a travel agent?
No, so please don't ask me to arrange or make your travel plans. I cannot stress this enough, please don't email me asking to help you book a room or arrange a flight. In the future, I may add affiliate links to travel agents or booking sites, but there are no plans on doing that anytime soon.  

Final Notes
We want you to enjoy your time here and have fun and enjoy travel.  Each and every person is always full of fear and trepidation while venturing into the world of travel and we would like to make it easier and lend you a helping hand.  We have a community that supports it's member and encourages the need to travel and to seek out new experiences and to open our minds to the world out there.

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