First group to cross Kunt Khal after 45 yrs from Valley of Flowers to Hanuman Chatti

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Wow Congratulations...
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Kudos mate!
Read through your travelogue; I was wondering where exactly is the Kunt Khal
I understand at the junction as one takes right for VoF/Bhyundal Khal; here you took left

From GE images , is this the place or nearby ? (seems quite steep!)
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#18 Jun 30th, 2016, 13:02
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@ Prashant are right..the Kunt Khal trail starts from left of the junction...yes its quite steep...the gradient is more on the side of Kunt Khal to Hanuman Chatti
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Originally Posted by KanchuAdmirer View Post @ ABHP, thanks dear for the heartiest encouragement and appreciation ,
as said earlier since we were the first group with almost nil information of the trail, and since our group size was pretty small including my 5.5 yrs old kid, we were totally dependent on our friend Ajay Bhatt who organized the trek according to his expertise, due to this the support group size was pretty big and we do not have much idea about daily rate of porters and guides..Sorry for not able to provide the required info
Regarding Stay :
Joshimath - Himalayan Abode Home Stay
Ghangharia - Holiday Inn
Badrinath - Badriville Resort
Rudrprayag - GMVN,
Haridwar to Joshimath drop - Tata Indigo - Rs.6000
Joshimath to Govindghat - Tata Indica - part of package hence no idea of individual rate
from Govindghat to Pulna - 4 km (shared Vehicle) again part of package hence no idea of individual rate
Hanuman Chatti to Badrinath - part of package but we have seen shared Vehicle running on this route
Sorry for not being able to help you with required info.
KanchuAdmirer, Could you please share your cost for the package you availed from the Himalayan Snowrunner. It would be very helpful in planning my trek. Thanks a lot in advance.
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@mwadhawan : as you understand that this was totally a customized package where Ajay of Himalayan Snow Runner was also not sure about the route, more importantly a 5.5 yr old kid was about to trek in this route which opened after 45 yrs hence extra precaution had to be taken, 7 support staffs (including guides/porters/kandiwala) were being sent by him for only me, my wife and our kid, so I will not be able to guide you with the cost.
Also Ajay arranged this package at almost zero profit, may be at loss, as he took this Trek also as a challenge, so sorry once again for not able to help.
You may contact Himalayan Snow Runner (Mr.Ajay Bhatt) directly.

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