View Full Version : For Citizens of Other Countries - Visa and PIO/OCI Questions

  1. Govt Of India referring people as Idiots & Lunatics
  2. Student Visa to India From the United States.
  3. Has anyone tried this???
  4. Weird questions from immigration officer on departure
  5. Do I need exit visa?
  6. Intern visa to India with AIESEC while unemployed
  7. Is Aadhar compulsory for a foreigner with OCI-card
  8. Less than 6 months passport validity with OCI
  9. FRRO cancelled my tourist visa for overstay 180 days
  10. which is a better way to apply for oci in frro or indian mission in abroad?
  11. Apply for eVisa while in India?
  12. New eBusiness Visa (from UK)
  13. Which NGOs are qualified to sponsor an Employment Visa (without pay)?
  14. Aadhar card accidentally issued for OCI holder.
  15. OCI Application Enquiry: Adoption Scenario
  16. Visa refused after overstay
  17. Which Visa/Process after Indian PVT Registration
  18. Indian tourist visa for a non Malaysian in Kuala Lumpur
  19. Government relaxes e-visa regime to attract more foreigners
  20. Photography tour visa
  21. Can an American get a Thai visa in Chennai or Bangalore?
  22. Tibetan resettlement in USA without a passport of any sort in 90s documents
  23. Border runs and buying a car -- is it possible on a tourist visa?
  24. OCI for Tibetan
  25. How to apply for OCI?
  26. Apostille for a birth certificate
  27. How to leave India and come back
  28. URGENT: How bad is this OCI snafu?
  29. Applying for an Employment Visa
  30. eTV Problem
  31. Tourist Visa in the US, my experience and advice (avoid CKGS)
  32. E visa photos
  33. Sent to MHA: Employment to Entry Visa Conversion
  34. PIO to OCI conversion (spouse), NYC consulate
  35. Return Visa For Korean
  36. Form C Required After Five Years?
  37. Marriage cancelled or not if cancelled Indian passport?
  38. Tourist visa expires
  39. Forgot to register for FRRO
  40. Need to renew US Passport residing in India while owing child support arrears in USA
  41. Military service = No OCI?
  42. What to expect as a foreigner with an OCI card
  43. Lost Passport with India Visa Inside
  44. Mandatory to spend two months outside India between visits?
  45. Visa Processing time for UK citizen with Pakistani Heritage??
  46. End of old Tourist Visas
  47. Indian visa in Phnom Phen for spanish!
  48. Indian visa question - dealing with Indian embassy in Dublin
  49. Visa reference name in India - help?
  50. Visa denied...What next?
  51. Visas 2016 incl travelling to Nepal - help
  52. Tourist Visa application for Australian Inquiries
  53. 30 day visa expires 2 hours before flight leaves
  54. Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016
  55. Business or Employment Visa - Business not set up
  56. Some observations about using an OCI card
  57. How long did your visa take in USA?
  58. 6 month passport expiry
  59. PIO to OCI conversion for my daughter
  60. Entry (X) Visa extension. 12 month Internship!?
  61. Visa duration for US citizen from Indian embassy in Kathmandu?
  62. Questions about passport and visa for baby born in the UK
  63. Online visa passport photo
  64. Moldy passport
  65. Willing to Enter India again
  66. Questioned every time I EXIT India, what to say?
  67. E-tourist visa to be extended to 100 days and multiple entry.... "soon"
  68. Visa question (UK citizen) Chennai & Port Blair
  69. Tourist visa for Canadian
  70. Extending special endorsement period on valid indian tourist visa
  71. Tourist vs Work vs Employment
  72. Which website to get VISA for USA Nationals?
  73. How to transfer Visa from old passport to new?
  74. Travelling in December, am I risking it for OCI?
  75. Police Clearance certificate for Foreigner in India
  76. e-TV visa, single entry can you come back with transit visa?
  77. OCI Eligibility
  78. eTV visa & regular tourist visa, how many maximum a year?
  79. PCC for Foreign national with OCI residing in Mumbai
  80. Can new visa overrule old visa?
  81. Which form needed for exit visa?
  82. Employment visa extension (NGO) - letter of undertaking
  83. transfering visa to new passport within indiia?
  84. How to get Indian PCC for non-Indians?
  85. Overstay e-Tourist Visa
  86. Visa run for an expat living in India?
  87. Are PIO card still valid?
  88. Long term in India, how to?
  89. Timeframe and procedure of surrendering OCI card after divorce
  90. Overstayed - Tourist Visa
  91. 10 year tourist visa and 160 day requirement
  92. If Indian man marry with Saudi national from Pakistani origin
  93. Changes in OCI Card
  94. UK OCI: What do I need to do for this OCI Application? No Birth Certificate
  95. Does one of the photos have to be signed for OCI Application online? (UK)
  96. Emergency travel to India - 16 year old with original OCI
  97. Gaya Airport, Port of Entry?
  98. Tourist Visa UK 2016?
  99. OCI card procedure
  100. Changing single entry to multiple entry on a business visa

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