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  1. Pushkar parcel scam - Shemesh (Goyal) parcel packing
  2. 17 Ladakh enthusiasts got conned by Noida based FM Group
  3. Jharkhand fraudsters dupe Mumbaikars of lakhs
  4. Fake call centre that duped US citizens raided, 8 held
  5. Scammer Preys on Western Women
  6. Child abduction - is this scaremongering?
  7. Scam money by a fake tour agency in India
  8. Ghost India Mike posts?
  9. Need help ! - gift via USPS first class international to India from US
  10. Do you trust this travel agent?
  11. Super Scam... 750 people detained
  12. Fraudulent and dangerous 'Travel agents'
  13. From my spambox: A guide to the world's 40 most common tourist scams
  14. Another Scam to look out for !!
  15. Crime: India vs USA
  16. Seen him? Fake Buddhist monk in Connaught Place
  17. The 4 Type of scams in India
  18. 1000 questions and more
  19. Goa Jewel scam - advice required on next steps
  20. Anyone in Jaisalmer? Favour to ask..
  21. A Jain tradition or a scam attempt?
  22. Is it really "No foreigners accepted" or "No commission paid"?
  23. NY Times on handicraft shop touts
  24. Ebiz scam and other MLM
  25. India Post: parcel possibly detained by customs - how to contact?
  26. Prices for drinks at Delhi Airport
  27. New Delhi - Scams to watch out for
  28. Horrible experience in Puri ,Odisha
  29. Hotels full?
  30. Is this what Indian men REALLY think about foreign women?
  31. Pushkar Sadhu scam
  32. North India rudeness
  33. "Excuse me, can we swap seats?"
  34. Get ATM Card Verified, else will be in a big soup...
  35. Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.
  36. GOA-BEWARE of unscrupulous bus ticket booking agent
  37. Look out for scar nose.
  38. Horrible experience with . Worst of worst service.
  39. Gem Stones
  40. Which are the most common Issues and Problems faced by a Foreign Traveller in India?
  41. Being invited into a home for dinner?
  42. Online buying woes
  43. The great Indian Railway Mineral water scam
  44. Men with hands in their pants
  45. I won the Fifa Worldcup Prize as SmartPhone
  46. Amofoi marriage scam
  47. Tuk tuk driver boyfriend tout
  48. Ashamed to admit this but...
  49. Metered Radio Taxis - Lousy Service
  50. Cigarette scam in tourist places
  51. Indians scammed buying fake phones in rush prior to train departure
  52. Is NORTH FACE gear in Dharamsala real?
  53. Hampi to Gokarna private bus - better avoided
  54. Stolen bag and passport train ticket scam
  55. Be aware of your iphones on trains
  56. Scam in Mumbai acting as British citizen
  57. Sexual harassment getting worse
  58. My scarf ripoff sob story!
  59. Dental Ripoff
  60. Traveler's Check Odd Exchange Behavior
  61. Scams / Touts in Fatephur Sikri
  62. Friendly old guy invites me to visit school where he works... Scam or genuine?
  63. How to avoid being a easy target without becoming a closed off ass
  64. Staying street smart while travelling in India
  65. Soon, if not already here
  66. Why do foreigners do this?
  67. Is this a Scam? Please help!
  68. traveling with my African American Husband to india
  69. Japanese tourist rescued from scamsters
  70. Parcel sent from New Zealand stuck in customs for a month!
  71. Used ticket scam
  72. Don't waste your money
  73. Gang fooling Hindi speaking people in Kolkata
  74. Loss in dealing with Makemytrip
  75. Scammers on Delhi Airport Express
  76. Parcel from NZ to India
  77. Stolen passport
  78. SIM card in Kashmir
  79. Is India just for extroverts?
  80. Shipping items back to India?
  81. Scam?! Please help!
  82. Watch out for fake brahmin at Pushkar Lake!
  83. indian government bureau of travel (and fleecing)
  85. Accidental prank in Amritsar (woman)
  86. packages in the mail: asking for an appropriate tip or trying to scam the foreigner?
  87. Not as bad as I expected (first trip)
  88. Damsel In Distress Scam
  89. 15,000 Euro gem scam
  90. Mangalsutra as annoyance repellent?
  91. missed calls from international numbers
  92. Woman solo traveler, would North Eastern States be less hassle & more eased?
  93. Our Holy River GANGA [cry] Very bad condition
  94. Parcel sent from US to Pune stuck in Mumbai Customs!!! Please help!
  95. Don't let minor scams/overcharging ruin your holiday
  96. Madam, you are going the wrong way
  97. Bank scam at Delhi airport
  98. India Stupid-India Smart
  99. Prepaid taxi driver, trying to scam, or just rude?
  100. Proposed price hike for Corbett National Park

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