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  1. Marriage in cover letter for tourist visa
  2. Spouse Visa Processing times & Questions...with US Citizen and Indian Man.
  3. Do I need to be in India for 30 days prior to marrying?
  4. Get marriage
  5. Translation of non english documents for marriage under SMA
  6. Need help for marriage
  7. What type of visa
  8. OCI-card valid after divorce?
  9. USA Woman Marrying Indian Man
  10. OCI (Australian Citizen) marrying Finnish National in India
  11. OCI card holder required to get NOC from embassy to register marriage in India?
  12. Indian wants to marry an Iranian Girl
  13. American citizen marrying an Indian
  14. Arya Samraj Marriage...Chennai guy and Russian girl
  15. Apostille on Indian Birth Certificate
  16. Documents a Moroccan Girl Should Prepare to Marry Indian Boy
  17. How to convert spouse's PIO to OCI?
  18. Indian Moroccan Wedding
  19. Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872
  20. Please advise how to get visa for my fiancée after marriage
  21. Bangladeshi Girlfriend
  22. Filipino-indian marriage procedure
  23. Marriage question OCI
  24. Marriage registeration in India?
  25. Process of filing an visa after getting married in India to Europe citizen in Germany
  26. Planning to marry indian man and im a single filipina mom, both catholics
  27. Arya Samaj and Special Marriage Act for Christian-Hindu couple
  28. Where to marry a Dutch
  29. Residential Permit /Visa
  30. Marriage Preparation Visa - Switzerland
  31. Married to Indian Citizen, Entry Visa? What documents do I need?
  32. US, UK, Australian Dependent Visa
  33. Marrying Brazilian girl.
  34. UK national marrying an Indian lady
  35. Indian citizen wanted to marry Iranian girl
  36. Marriage with Tibetan in India and visa
  37. visa extension
  38. Indian guy marrying UK lady in India...what steps are needed legally
  39. Indian citizen want to marry with Romanian girl
  40. Indian Citizen marrying American Citizen in India
  41. U.K. Visa rejected
  42. Marriage Registration (post marriage) between 2 US Citizens
  43. About Bulgaria
  44. Use of this forum by Indian nationals
  45. marry with filipino girls
  46. Confused about procedure -Pune
  47. Rejected Noc from islamabad interior.(MArriage visa) India/Pakistan
  48. Indian national marrying kosovo national - procedure?
  49. Indian married to Canadian
  50. Entry visa
  51. X Visa in Sri Lanka
  52. Kashmir - German Wedding Questions
  53. Marriage (Indian Special Marriage Act of 1954) Registration in a different state?
  54. Wrong Marital Status in my Marraige certificate
  55. NRI's cant marry in India?
  56. Have PIO can I change
  57. Indian marrying abroad on tourist visa.
  58. American citizen taking my lovely Indian husband to America...will this be difficult?
  59. Spouse visa for Germany
  60. Indian guy with a Chilena
  61. documents required to marry under Special Marriage Act
  62. Marriage with Mexican National
  63. How to get Marriage Certificate after 8 years of marriage
  64. Questions for Ukraine/Indian marriage and visa issues
  65. Surname incorrect in Air India Ticket
  66. Married to an indian.. wondering about work permit
  67. Have doubt about german dependent visa..please help..
  68. Wedding registration under Foreign Marriage Act (for Indians living abroad)
  69. Yemeni woman marrying indian man official requirements
  70. Foreign citizen marrying an Indian and intending to reside in India
  71. Pakistani born American citizen girl marrying Indian citizen
  72. US woman + Indian man...advice please!
  73. Surname change in MC
  74. Registering a Foreign (Canadian) Marriage in Mumbai
  75. Last name of wife different in Marriage Certificate and Passport - what to do?
  76. Getting Married: Employment and X-Visa
  77. marriage and visa
  78. Change of Law in India?
  79. Indian Married to German: Health Insurance Spouse Visa Requirements
  80. Complicated Situation - Need help from the experts...please
  81. PIO card for spouse with Hong Kong ancestry
  82. Getting married with an Indian divorced man
  83. Is it mandatory to Change Surname for Smooth Visa Process.
  84. tourist visa extension on medical grounds
  85. indian citizenship for sri lankan national married to indian
  86. question of adding spouse's name in passport
  87. Marrying in Norway
  88. Marriage between Slovak girl and Indian boy
  89. Getting Married in Philippines for Indians…
  90. Need help for my Georgian girl friend
  91. Srilankan Man married indian Women
  92. Civil partnership and Marriage in India
  93. UK girl wanting to marry a Nepalese guy living in India
  94. Indo French marriage, how did you do?
  95. Kerala Registration of Marriages (Common) Rules - any ideas?
  96. Indian guy having Paraguayan girlfriend
  97. Issue in getting tourist visa for my girl friend I want to marry
  98. Kank
  99. Name change on marriage Certificate
  100. Help regarding own and spouse visa situation for Canadian citizen (in India)

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