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  1. Child Fare structure (First AC availability)
  2. Locked out of IRCTC website
  3. Booking trains in advance vs Tatkal
  4. Booked on train Thivim to Dadar but need to go to CST Mumbai central)
  5. Printing Foreign Tourist Booking (FTQ) from IRCTC website
  6. Help needed - ERS to MAO - Rajdhani OR Duronto
  7. Children in railway s
  8. What are some possible reasons people choose First AC in Mumbai rajdhani over flights
  9. Train started but chart not prepared - plz guide
  10. Kathgodam to Delhi by train
  11. Railways to offer discounts
  12. Journey Advice
  13. Kangra Valley Railway
  14. Passenger season pass will let me board Local trains?
  15. Trains cancelled from 01/12/2017 to 13/02/2018 due to fog
  16. The 6-tickets-in-a-month Rule for foreigners
  17. Delhi to New Jalpaiguri 12424
  18. Help please!
  19. AC1 tickets
  20. Madurai Jn to Amritapuri
  21. Chennai to Ahmedabad Sleeper Recommendations
  22. Getting on train after booked station
  23. De-boarding train before my station arrives
  24. 2 people + 2 bicycles in 1AC cabin??
  25. Some information about tickets.
  26. IRCTC App
  27. Can I have a friend book rail tickets in India for me, an NRI?
  28. Happy with our itinerary, reservations but some worries about berths
  29. Araku train cancelled for at least one month
  30. Another IRCTC question
  31. Refund not yet received
  32. Should I book another ticket?
  33. Book tickets for 14 persons
  34. IRCTC: e-Catering
  35. Train Running Status: Delayed vs Rescheduled
  36. 12560 Delhi to Varanasi
  37. Problem registering Indian mobile no. with IRCTC
  38. Confusion over ticket booking on IRCTC website
  39. Why can't I book for portion of available train?
  40. Only in India...?
  41. Travelling in Rajasthan
  42. Sticky post needs to be un-stickied?
  43. Traveling by train
  44. Onward booking no more?
  45. Help please! IRCTC rejecting all payment attempts.
  46. Basics of Premium Tatkal
  47. Believe it or not?
  48. Foreign Tourist Booking & Railway Retiring Rooms
  49. Pre booking food
  50. Radjhani Train 12432
  51. New Delhi A/C waiting room?
  52. Assigned the same seat on every train
  53. Cloak Room at Shravanabelagola Rail Station
  54. Expired Passport ID on train ticket
  55. Is it worth booking trains in advance?
  56. Can train tickets be bought from abroad using a UK debit card via
  57. Does the 6 bookings / month quota include cancelled tickets?
  58. Bring your own blankets on India trains
  59. Shatabdi Executive Seat layout help needed
  60. Purchasing Indrail Tickets from Abroad
  61. Indian Railways to increase booking period to 360 days (or not...?)
  62. Chennai--->Puducherry HELP please
  63. Retiring room - Old Delhi Station
  64. The secular Kumbh Mela
  65. Reservation Ticket Query
  66. Tejas Express (Goa-Mumbai)
  67. Changing e-mail address/password on irctc to buy tickets with cleartrip
  68. Unable to get an account with IRCTC
  69. Is it possible to extent online Tatkal ticket to Next station
  70. Is Rajdhani experience worth a detour for?
  71. Phone Calls after booking Train Tickets online
  73. Luggage Space in AC seats
  74. Howrah to Delhi Rajdhani
  75. Happy 150th, Western Local
  76. Is Tirunelveli Exp (22627) a reliable service? In terms of timing.
  77. Best way to travel Varkarla to Patnem?
  78. This possible?.
  79. Irctc account suspention
  80. pnr status website not working
  81. down for over a week?
  82. Mumbai to Goa on Thur or Fri
  83. Train Times
  84. IRCTC website down - alternatives??
  85. e-Bedroll service
  86. To Chennai via Vasco, Goa
  87. Unable to book ticket for my 7 year old kid
  88. Pnr
  89. TDR rejected in spite of train late by 5 hours. Any hope for me?
  90. Mistakenly booked Senior Citizen ticket
  91. Foreign senior citizen, lower berth question.
  92. Chennai to Coonoor advice
  93. Will be travelling with one month baby - which is better - 2Ac train or Flight??
  94. IRCTC indian phone number
  95. Indian Railway - Most useful Apps / Websites - With Prediction Services
  96. Multiple bookings
  97. Seat allocation and getting on/off the train
  98. 7 more suburban stations in Mumbai to get Wi-Fi in 2017
  99. Help with train for tomorrow, 2nd November- 12903
  100. Help me get from Agra to Varanasi on a Sunday

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