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It's difficult to be certain that the cash is spent well, even when dealing directly with the parents.
No, you get receipts for everything. Money in and money out is tallied and balanced. If there are any problems, and they can happen, payments are made direct to the school, leaving the parents out of the cash loop.

It makes for some time-consuming work around the start of each term. The, ahem, person that I know* is giving it up because it is a little hard to manage both ends, givers and receivers, and some donors have had to pull out.

This method all individual sponsorship. It can be easier, perhaps, donating to an organisation. Funds may be spread further, and it is also less personal if, for some reason one cannot give.

Successes I have seen include the son of a drunken carpenter/builder who is now rising in bank management and a young woman whose final year of degree study was nearly lost to a sponsor having to withdraw. She has a degree in computer science. Spent some time selling Nokia phones, but is now rising in consultancy: her single mother no longer has to worry where the next meal will come from.

My protege, who I thought might be married off against her will, chose to give it all up and get married. Now she has run away from the abusive husband and, with two children, is living with her parents again. That's life. We can't make it work out.

*Disclaimer/Disclosure: it isn't me. And I'm not intimately familiar with school/college fees. I have a lousy memory for numbers anyway, and don't even recall what the young lady mentioned above cost me.

It isn't me, but you could say that I am related. So I am not soliciting/advertising, just mentioning what I have seen.

I'm also related by marriage to an amazing man, of complete integrity, who runs a charity hospital. This is not monk's-cell work: he gets good returns for what he does. Why should he not! He is a top professional in his field. Not all organisations are bad, not all non-direct spending is wrong. But, sadly, the record of many organisations here is the reason that this forum considers them commercial, and applies the same rules as are applied re advertising any commercial enterprise.
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Forgot the name of the poster, he was from USA.

He ahd been supporting a boys home in Madurai, and visited them.

Bought gifts 'cloths' for the boys and a good meal for all.

He was to put it mildly' a little upset to get begging mails.

I think was proposing another trip this 2007 year, but I might have missed his posts.

Along our street at festival time there were some blind folk led by a minder with a drum to collect ' for the poor' [his pocket].

The worst image I remember for begging was in Vellore where there were 3 Albino kids, again with minder.
So called MUM fed the baby with a bottle.

Minder was pulling in big notes, and that was more than 10 years ago. and the money proffered was from Indians, I was the only nri there
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Originally Posted by fsg View Post Forgot the name of the poster, he was from USA.

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