ATMs with no fees for foreign cards

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I bank with HSBC and Barclays. My homebase for these is the US and UK respectively. Barclays will charge for everything not directly on their network. But the charge is typically small and the exchange rate is highest of a day.

HSBC has zero charges on anything worldwide, with exchange rate being at the time of transaction. Except in India. HSBC India has a very poor exchange rate, and slap on a charge. Having queried this, was told that HSBC india ist really a part of HSBC Global!!!

Unsure if this is helpful, but its one scenario. The other thing is that whenever I use my cards outside the home country, the atm will always autoswitch to English. And will always display the local currency and any additional charge. Some outlets like BNP and db across Europe will give you the option to withdraw local currency against an exchange rate. If you go with that, your home bank will only see GBP or USD and the exchange is taken up by atm bank. Some of my friends from the US prefer using this since EU banks charge less and are fairer on exchange rate than some American banks.


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I got a really bad rate from a machine in Singapore once, after it asked me some exchange-rate questions I didn't understand. After that I stuck to the major bank machines. I think it was some private machine, like some UK shops [used to?] have, which would charge fees for everything.

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