Indian-German marriage

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Hi Asha,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry for replying late, have been travelling for work.

We decided to marry in Germany because we learned from similar bi-national couples that Indian marriage certificate is not accepted by German authorities. And we have initiated the first part of process with Standesamt in Duesseldorf last year. We tried to make application from May last year but the documents were continuously rejected by the registrar for want of "certificate of marriageability". You may already know that this doc is not issued by Indian authorities. After moving from pillar to pillar we could apply finally in August and have been waiting to hear on our marriage application since then, the process time is supposed to be 2-3 months as told by the registrar officers initially. But it has been 5 months till now and we have not heard anything from the officers, when my boyfriend tries to inquire about it by calling he gets to hear that first he is not supposed to call them on this process, then they say they do not know any status of our application as they have sent the documents for verification to Delhi embassy and further that registrar officers do not contact Delhi embassy for this purpose at all. This essentially means we can't do anything but wait and I don't know till when. We are left with no option other than trying our luck in third country perhaps in Denmark now.
I have taken A1 in last May and have been waiting to get the required doc to apply for marriage visa. But with given long delay in timeline I will perhaps require to take this exam again as it will cross the 12 months window of acceptability by Delhi embassy for visa very soon.

Do you know if Delhi embassy presses hard for producing ration card if one does not have this doc when applying for family reunion visa?

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Hi Saira!

First, I want to say, it is not true, that german authorities don´t accept indian marriage certificates!
They do, but only after a lawyer sent by the embassy (in your case) has done the approval of the certificates, which usually is your birth certificate and the marriage certificate. They have to be checked for being issued legal!
(Which btw should be done now for your marriage visa with your birth certificate as well!)
After that is done, your visa application for family reunion visa is processed and after issuing that, you just have to apply for residence permit in Germany!
We have done that in the last year without facing big problems, except the time period!

If the Standesamt registrar refuses to answer your boyfriend´s questions, he should ask for the office head!
In case your papers are really at the Delhi embassy now, your boyfriend (!!) should inquire there about the status!
It may be helpful to call up the responsible "Ausländerbehörde" also, as they are involved in the entire visa process in the end as well!

Actually I never heard, that the embassy or consulate needs the ration card for family reunion visa.
In our case at the Mumbai Consulate General it was not required.

As your A1 exam document will be soon out of date, don´t feel shy to call up authorities more frequent!!

And I would still keep marrying in India in mind!

If you marry in Denmark, you have to keep in mind, that you have to return to India, when you are in the EU with a Schengen-Visa. And then apply for the family reunion visa from India.
When you are Gemany with a marriage visa, you are allowed to stay after marriage and can directly apply for residence permit.
For further visa/law informations this could be interresting for your boyfriend:

My offer is still valid, if your boyfriend wants to know my experience more detailed, then please feel free to write me in german! :-)
Otherwise, I hope I could help out a bit for now and your process will be accomplished soon! :-)
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Hi Asha,

Thanks for your reply.
Which city in Germany was your case at?
Thanks for the offer, we will contact you as and when we get stuck.
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Hello my Friends,i like this post i guess i can learn alot from it
Am a Nigerian and living in germany,,,,have a girl friend and we both have submited our german marriage process in standsampt(german local office for marriage),,shes a german
the problem with me his that my visa will expire soon in 2month---date(7/1/2013)
my question is----What if i go back to my country of origin(nigeria) and my marriage process is ready at the standsampt,
will i get a visa to come back to germany to do my wedding?
Or will it be hard to come back?

Does anyone here has encountered any thing like this before,,i would be happy to get a reply from my indian friends

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Hi Odi,

there is a German-African forum (in German), maybe you can get better advice there:
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Hi Asha,

I am Indian ( NRI ) And my Fiance is German (residing in Germany), we looked at all options of both getting married in India, Germany and Denmark. Finally I found out that we could get married in the Indian embassy.
This would fall under special marriage act and since i reside here. So all that's settled.

Now what I am not sure of is after I get the Indian marriage certificate, how do i go about legalizing it in Germany. Any thoughts?


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